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DOSSIER: Who Made $600k From Maine’s Bigots? … Harvey Milk Day Adds To ‘Hysteria’?

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• Who’s the marketing company that’s making $600,000 from Maine’s gay marriage opponents?

• The video for Adam Lambert’s “Time For Miracles,” which is the theme track for 2012, will debut during showings of Michael Jackson’s film This Is It.

• Will “aggravated homosexuality” be punished by death in Uganda?

• What’s this? Jamaica’s newspapers are actually covering Buju Banton’s meeting with San Francisco activists … positively?

• The Washington D.C. sex club where a man died has opted to close its doors.

• Dannii Minogue thought she had harmlessly noted, on air, that X Factor contestant Danyl Johnson isn’t straight. The 4,000 complaints received by Britain’s ad watchdog Ofcam, however, argue otherwise.


• Schwarzenegger should have vetoed Harvey Milk day because it “will only add to the hysteria surrounding gay rights, proving to conservatives that proponents really are eager to teach homosexuality in the schools”?

• Tony Randolph Hunter’s killer Robert Hannah is sentenced to six months in prison, the maximum sentence he could receive after pleading guilty to a mere one count of simple assault, a misdemeanor.

• Maine’s marriage equality effort lauded for its religious outreach.

• John Mayer supposedly made out with a dude at a club.

• Iran executes man for being gay.

• What DADT looked like in 1994.

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