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Double Ouch: His Girlfriend Cheated On Him — Because She Thinks He’s Gay.

Its “saddening” and “embarrassing,” the sort of problem Reddit was designed for.

Whatthedells, a stay-at-home dad, is in turmoil after his girlfriend of seven years — with whom he has a 5-month old daughtr — cheated on him based on the “incorrect belief that I’m gay.”

And by “cheated,” we mean she’s been seeing another man for four months.

Her reasoning is ruthless. He likes musicals. He’s “content staying at home with our daughter and cooking.” And he hugged his best male friend “after his mother had been hit by a car.”

I’m extremely upset and my heart is broken. I love this woman and have done everything to be a good husband to her and good father to our child. I don’t know what I could’ve done to drive her away, and according to her it’s because she thinks I’m gay….

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On top of that, “she seems to think I don’t work and therefore I’m not providing.” He admits she’s been manipulative in the past, but doesn’t know what to do this time.

I tried telling her the truth, which is that I know I’m a heterosexual. There are no skeletons in my closet. I don’t want to lose her, I don’t want my daughter to have to lose her. I said I’d do whatever it took to make her happy but she keeps saying I’m gay.

As of this writing, only 11 people have responded to offer their advice, perhaps there’s only so many ways to say Break up with her and run for your life.

“People that cheat typically come up with all sorts of ridiculous excuses to make themselves feel better,” says duffleberry. “Divorce her ass, let her rot in hell when she wakes up and realizes she left a good man for a loser. Not sure what to do about the daughter though. That’s the problem with having kids with someone who isn’t a good person.”

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“So horrible that she thinks he doesn’t contribute,” says PurplePlurple. “There’s providing money to support a family and then there’s providing support for the family. I’m wonder if this could be symptomatic of postpartum depression….”

Redditor E-Hunters is also displeased: “You know what makes you gay? Having sex with men. You know what doesn’t? Being a good dad. Which is essentially why she cheated. I think you should contact a divorce lawyer and end this. She really sounds like a joy to be married to /s.”

What do you think he should do? Find out who she’s been sleeping with and start dating him too?

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