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Doug Locke wants to suck… your blood… in sultry vampire-themed music video

Just in time for Halloween, singer Doug Locke has released his new music video, “In or Our,” in which he plays a sexy, blood-sucking, bisexual vampire.

“I’ve had a thing for vampires since I was young,” Locke tells OUT. “I grew up on Buffy, Blade, Anne Rice, and True Blood. Vampires exude an effortless sensuality that I felt was a perfect reflection of the vibe of the song.”

Locke says the video uses vampirism as a metaphor for the sexual fluidity.

“I wanted to celebrate the beauty of embracing love unapologetically,” he says. “The music video is a tribute one of my favorite films, the ’80s vampire cult classic The Lost Boys.”

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He continues: “Imagine if The Lost Boys crashed a house party picking off victims one by one with the levity of Britney Spears’ Toxic. I was inspired by the charisma of Anne Rice’s character Lestat, the Vampire, and by the look and feel of Fiona Apple’s Criminal music video.”