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Doug McKelway Still Really, Really Wants to Punch Mike Rogers

When professional political outer Michael Rogers guested on the local television show Let’s Talk Live this week,
Doug McKelway threatened to punch him. So is Doug sorry he was a terrible host to his guest, one he threatened with violence? Hahahahaha. No.

Why? Because Rogers “outrages me” and “I’ve seen him on too many television shows.”

You’d think McKelway would score a little sympathy from his own co-host Natasha Barrett. And you would be wrong.

Here’s the original interview:

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  • Jake the libertarian

    So what does everybody think about outing anyway? This has been a pretty controversial subject over the years… Who gets outed and who gets to keep having their “discrete” encounters on craigslist and

  • dgz

    wow, i like that Natasha. she’s feisty!

    @Jake the libertarian:
    jake, i think many of us are of 2 minds: outing is bad, people should be allowed to come to terms with their own identity in their own time. *but,* anti-gay politicians who have sex with men choose to live their lives publicly, and dedicate themselves to our detriment. outing them exposes the blatant hypocrisy of their movement, as well as their true motivations: internalized homophobia and a thirst for power.

    outing celebrities = mean, imho. outing anti-gay politicians? just desserts.

  • Michael vdB

    A bathroom stall is private?

  • Andrew Triska

    It’s fairly simple. If you leave the gays alone (or, even better, work toward gay rights) then we won’t out you. But if you use your power, money, or public influence to hurt gay rights, you’re fair game. You don’t have the right to privacy if you’re campaigning to take others’ rights away.

  • Jackson

    I agree completely with Andrew. I think GLBT people have a right to defend themselves against that kind of betrayal.

    The part where he went off about how it was hurting these politicians’ families was stupid, to me. How is revealing that a loved one has been lying to you all these years more hurtful to them than allowing them to continue in the lie? Women can be hurt by such men (and the inverse). They could catch any # of diseases by these sad, sick, little cheaters or be trapped in loveless relationships for the rest of their lives wondering what they did wrong. Why the person they loved didn’t find them attractive, etc. I happen to think that is a far more cruel action than telling them a painful truth. Adultery is another form of spousal abuse, IMO, and there simply is never a case where it’s ok to do it and get away with it.

  • SoRight IsRight

    eOk, I will give you the right to out a politician who is gay/bi if he votes against a gay positive political act. If you give the rest of us the right to out any person who is HIV+. There is a life and death disease at stake here and people should know who is HIV+ so if the situation ever happens where you might intimate with them. You it can happen, otherwise the HIV disease would now be dead except for the infected people now, no one else would get it. We could up it a little and also have a list of people who have ever had sex with a person who now HIV+. I know HIV isn’t just a gay disease so it is not discriminating to want who has it.

    I mean 3 republican politicians can’t kill people, and it turns as it has now where the liberals have all the power, so the 3 can’t do a damn thing to deprive anyone. Where as 3 persons infected with HIV, could put what, 20 maybe 30 people on the road to an early death. So who really need outing more, a person who can spread a deadly disease, or politician who is a hypocrite.

  • John

    I remember in 1989 when Doug was working with then-ABC affiliate (now CW affiliate) WJKS (now WCJW) in Jacksonville, he was nothing like this, he would’ve kept his cool back then.

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