Douglas Langway’s proposal to his boyfriend is admirably over-the-top and cinematic. Let’s all cry.

Subtly is woefully overrated. Douglas Langway, screenwriter and director of the BearCity films, just found a suitably cinematic way to propose to boyfriend Joseph Chapman — an especially impressive feat considering said boyfriend is currently “10,000 miles away.”

“When the love of your life is 10 thousand miles away,” Langway posted on Facebook, “you need a really big sign to propose marriage!”

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In the accompanying vid, which you can watch below, Langway makes the best use of Times Square’s mountainous billboards, the good cheer of Broadway-drunk tourists, an iPad, and, of course, the love of his life to make a grand and sweeping statement.

The result, uh… puts the “aww” in awesome? Did we really just write that? What have we become…?

You may need to click the speaker icon to hear the audio: