Dov Hikind’s Reason For Opposing Marriage Equality: Lady Gaga

Before the New York state Assembly passed the marriage equality bill last night, Brooklyn Democrat Dov Hikind displayed a picture of Lady Gaga and explained that passing a marriage equality bill would have serious consequences: “We’ll all be forced to wear telephones on our heads.”

OK, so he didn’t actually say that. What he said was, “And one of the things I love, I gotta tell you. I came close to maybe changing my point of view when I started looking at all the celebrities who were telling New Yorkers what the moral, what the right thing was. And none other came close Lady Gaga. When Lady Gaga got involved and told us this, we should support gay marriage, y’know I said Lady Gaga. You know she is my example of how I should lead my life and how I should behave. Came close, but I didn’t quite do it.”

Ah yes… the classic Lady Gaga argument against same-sex marriage. Opponents have been using that against us for… centuries.

Wha-wha-what did you say, Dov? You’re breaking up on me.

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  • Steve

    He’s full of shit. If you have to turn to a celebrity to explain your “change of heart”, you probably didn’t support marriage equality in the first place.

    Although, technically speaking, isn’t Lady Gaga straight? Wouldn’t that mean she’s actually setting a bad example for straight marriage?

  • ArtNYC

    He’s trying to shift the blame….he wants the gays to turn on Lady Gaga for his not support marriage equality. I will not insult shit by calling him one.

  • hyhybt

    People wear them glued to their ears anyway… what’s the difference?

  • QJ201

    This from a man who practices a conservative form of Judaism in which women are less than, and gee like conservative muslims, cannot show their hair outside of the house. But at least they get to wear wigs, not scarves or burkahs.

  • Allen D.

    Ever since her shrieking speech about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, I’ve felt that she’s done more harm than good.

  • gregger

    This blowhard Assemblyman supported Scarah Palin and her “blood libel” commentary. He is an opportunistic slime ball who is attempting to appease his ultra conservative base by ignoring what is right and focusing on what is politically expedient. At the same time he is attempting to compromise pedestrian safety on the Fort Hamilton Pkwy in Brooklyn to appease the fools that want an extra lane so they can barrel through at 60-70 mph instead of the posted 30mph in some of the areas.

  • Pitou

    @Allen D.: Oh Gurl, please! Anything this woman has had to do with LGBT rights, TO DATE, has yet to have any negative impact what-so-ever. You should feel lucky to have such an influential STRAIGHT ally fighting OUR fight WITH us, influencing and empowering the younger demographic, who whether you like it or not is going to run this country someday. She’s very likely done more good for LGBT’s then you’ve done in any number of your miserable, jaded, bitter years.
    Indeed, you should go fuck yourself with a jagged tree trunk while you’re still around. MmmKay?

  • Allen D.

    Ummm… I’m 32.

    “go fuck yourself with a jagged tree trunk”… Hmmm. A beautiful commentary on the solidarity of the gay “community”. A perfectly appropriate response to someone with a contrary opinion. Classy.

  • gregger

    @QJ201: I’m sorry what’s the difference between a polyester wig and a polyester scarf? Both are used to cover the hair, the difference is that many of the Orthodox women shave their heads while Muslims traditionally do not.

  • Jeffree

    Dov Hikind is either trying his hand at comedy or trying to have his hit count on Gooogle go up by randomly inserting her name in his statements & press releases.

    He may not be aware that DameGaga is British and that fellow New Yorker Cyndi Lauper has come out (again) for marriage equality.

  • Matthew

    @Pitou ,

    I agree that her impact has generally been more positive than negative when it comes to supporting gay rights, but to say that this support is anything more than opportunistic and calculated is a stretch. The difference between her “efforts” and the efforts of far less influential individuals like you and I is the sincerity and the intention. Is it easier to be complacent and watch someone highjack a very real (and painful) struggle for acceptance and reduce it to the marketing campaign for an album ? Of course! Singing along with her as she warbles on about gay rights all the way to the bank helps to take away some of the sting of exploitation.

    And just in an effort to pacify some of the “little monsters” that I know are out there waiting to leap to her defense… I can of course admit that she is absolutely captivating at times and does, on occasion, produce good music to sing my little gay heart out to as I’m driving/cleaning/dancing/etc.

    I just think that it would do everybody some good to think a bit more critically about her and her intentions. Are we comfortable with comfortable with being exploited so long as we get a little something in return? I’m not sure.

  • Robert in NYC

    He no doubt would not have had a problem sending gays to the gas ovens during the Nazi era. He’s learned nothing from his own history. He invites anti-semitism with his antigay rants. He’s a disgrace to himself. He’s just as bad as that other Jewish antigay firebrand, Noach Dear.

  • tjr101

    Ugh, I can’t stand Democrats like this, not only is Hikind anti-gay but he’s also a pro-Israel extremist.

  • Red Meat

    @Allen D.: I’m gay and let me reiterate… go fuck yourself with a jagged tree trunk.

  • hyhybt

    @Matthew: Isn’t it great to be living in a time when making pro-gay statements is seen as great positive publicity, though?

  • skoc211

    @Matthew: She’s been tweeting all day instructing her nearly 11 million followers (and 38 million facebook followers) on how to call NY State senators and help pass marriage equality. She did the same thing during DADT, going so far as to hold a rally in Maine (when I saw her in Hartford back in September she stopped the show and pulled out the number for the Congressional switchboard and explained how people could call their Senators). She just gave a powerful speech at Europride in Rome calling for worldwide equality and social justice and criticizing countries like Russia that crack down on protesters. And I could go on.

    She doesn’t need to do this. She isn’t exploiting us. What does she have to do to appease you people?

  • Allen D.

    @Red Meat:

    Where in there did you get the idea that I’m NOT gay?? What the fuck is wrong with you? You know, at one point, I BRIEFLY started enjoying her music… but it’s the fans that ruined it. God fucking forbid that someone criticize your infallible “goddess”. Seriously, I want her dead. If, for no other reason, than to see your stupid make-up covered, tear stained cheeks cry for her. Fuck her, and fuck YOU. There, did I meet your maturity level?

  • Jeffree

    “Allen D.” said he “wants her dead.” I believe we have seen his true feelings toward marriage equality in New York, and his utter contempt for str8 allies.

    He smells of trollish desperation, unwashed socks & a life of self-hatred.

    @Skoc211: Thanks for the 411 on LG’s efforts. Good efforts often go unreported & unnoticed.

  • Kieran

    Wouldn’t this bigot be much happier ensconced in a Jewish settlement on the West Bank where he could persecute the Palestinians rather than gay New Yorkers who just want to live their lives in peace? Hey Dov, Brooklyn is NOT the “promised land” you idiot.

  • Pitou

    @Matthew: She’s been a LGBT supperter since BEFORE she was known the world over, and has continued to be since. To say that shes doing it for publicity for an album release is blatantly untrue. Maybe you’ve only just started to pay attention to her?
    I will say I don’t care if her support of LGBT causes has also promoted her album sales/image. I’m one to support someone who supports me. In fact, Im far more open to support a known supporter then not. I for one don’t view it as support for promotion. Shes one of very, VERY few straight celeb allies who would be a vocal supporter regardless of social/celebrity status
    @Allen D.: ‘“go fuck yourself with a jagged tree trunk”… Hmmm. A beautiful commentary on the solidarity of the gay “community”’. – A beautiful commentary indeed, sir. I Shall reiterate in light of your most recent post regarding “Seriously, I want her dead. If, for no other reason, than to see your stupid make-up covered, tear stained cheeks cry for her. Fuck her, and fuck YOU”
    P.S. – I don’t wear makeup, but would cry for Gaga should she suddenly depart, as all would be losing a valuable ally.

    Allen, Please remember that when you wish bad upon others, someday you will receive it in return 10-fold. You may wish she wasn’t as vocal an LGBT supporter, or as famous, or as rich, or creating a top-selling empire.. but to wish her dead is just a clear window into your soul-less character. May you enjoy the ability to live out your full, probably lonely and miserable life. Sir, I do believe your better half ran down your mothers leg.

  • Allen D.

    This has just gotten ridiculous. Enjoy your 10-fold ‘getting fucked with a tree trunk’.

    I LOVE how if you don’t like Lady Gaga, you’re labeled as a homophobe (again, wtf??) and anti-gay rights (yep, I’m against my own rights. That makes sense too)… wait, do I have to label sarcasm on here? Starting to seem that way.

    And, make no mistake, I’m not anti-gay anything. I’m anti-Gaga. There’s a big difference. And I thought I made it clear that my post was an example of the maturity level that you jackasses are demonstrating.

  • Allen D.

    Exactly. Idiots.

  • D Smith

    hate to break it to all of you bi erasing individuals out there… Gaga isnt an ally, she is a member of our community. or last i checked the T and B ARE still members of the community… though it seems the majority of the G and L’s tend to forget that.

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