Down Low Expert Takes on Brokeback Mountain, Reality

There’s really only one word for this: stupid. Janice Scott-Blanton, the esteemed authoress of My Husband is on the Down Low and I Know About It, has filed a $250 million lawsuit against the makers of perhaps more esteemed gay movie, Brokeback Mountain.

It seems Scott-Blanton was having a sit-down, watching a little BM when she noticed some “eerie” similiarities between the Academy Award-winning film and her based on a true story book. She alleges there are more the 50. Of a few, BlackNews reports:

[A] stark similarity is exhibited after James’ and Annette’s ninth wedding anniversary, when Annette from Scott-Blanton’s novel confronted James regarding his homosexual activity. James told her that he had purposely written a confession in his journal because he knew she had been secretly reading it; he did not know of any other way to tell her about his secret. This scene transpires in a kitchen setting. After Thanksgiving dinner, in the movie Brokeback Mountain, Alma confronts Ennis (her husband) regarding his homosexual activity. Alma told Ennis she had purposely written a note and put it on the end of his fishing line for him to find. This scene also transpires in a kitchen setting.

Shame on you, Brokeback Mountain makers! You had the ingenuity to adapt a movie from a 2005 book, travel back in time to 1997, get Annie Proulx to publish Brokeback Mountain in The New Yorker to cover your tracks, but you didn’t think to change the scene setting? You should pay $500 million!

Although, you can’t really blame Ang Lee and the rest for wanting to steak Scott-Blanton’s page turner. Even the first few lines scream, “Take me as your own!”:

The old cliche goes, “If only I’d known then what I know now”. The cliche has been a part of my life for some time now. It has been like a bricks that’s held me down for over ten years.

Like a ton of bricks, she says! Really grabs you, doesn’t it?

(PS: Scott-Blanton also wrote Succulent Sex, which some believe was later adapted in The Passion of the Christ.)