Down Low Higher Up


We haven’t been into straight men for years, but for those of you still pining away after that certain unattainable guy, there’s some slightly good – yet more upsetting – news. According to a New York State Department of Health Survey, 10% of self-identified “straight” men have had gay sex. Yep. That means in the butt…or, at the very least, all over their face and stuff.

More intriguing is that of that group, 70% are married. While those more self-involved out there (no, not narcissistic) may see this as some sort of carnal windfall, the statistics are more important when considering how to distribute information on HIV/AIDS and safe sex. Dr. Preeti Pathela, the survey coordinator, says:

Doctors need to ask patients about specific sexual practices instead of relying on self-reported sexual orientation to assess risk for unsafe sexual practices and risk for sexually transmitted diseases…Public health prevention messages should target risky sexual activities, such as unprotected receptive anal sex, and should not be framed to appeal solely to gay-identified men.

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