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The downside of being too handsome? Pietro Boselli explains

To ask a handsome man to explain the downside of being handsome is to set that person up for failure.

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Yet physique model/math teacher Pietro Boselli rises to the occasion well, and manages to not completely cheese himself out.

Against the current is the way forward

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“I don’t think there would be any direct disadvantage,” he says, “apart from maybe some stereotypes or the fact that people won’t necessarily focus on other aspects of your personality.”

Last week in Milan with @dsquared2 ?? #bitchwhere

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As for judging people by their physical appearance first, he says, “We cannot help it.”

“It’s obvious that if someone to you looks good, you’re more prone to being talkative to them or to approach them. When that happens, you overlook other things.”

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As for how fellow academics have responded to his modeling career, he says:

“I felt like people in academe would look down on that. Only by growing up and maturing, you will learn how to embrace every aspect of your life and see that it is amazing, that you can do things that are so different. Explore a talent that otherwise wouldn’t be explored in academe at all.”

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  • Low Country Boy

    I think the shot of him wearing the t-shirt that says “Bitch Where,” is highly ironic. I read his remarks and immediately thought, Bitch, please.”

    • Teva

      That’s what I thought too….

    • Gary_Gans

      Wow you both hit the same reaction as I did.

      This is all lovely, and I don’t mind looking at it from time to time, but after almost ten years of fighting a genetic disability that has only 34 other people in the World I have to say that this is not doing anything down under. It never did. I kept myself in shape, but not everyone can be or wants to be these men. natekerchel commented a great response about this Maths Teacher. Something tells me that his teacher days are on hold as he spends his life in the gym and on photo shoots instead of teaching. This is promoting the very limited aspect of our Community that instructs us to believe that this is the standard for hot, and we are not. That is not the truth. It’s all so shallow, I can’t walk without pain from the bones in my feet being ripped out of my skin, but I try. I speak differently because my larynx is paralysed. I can’t write my own name, but I refuse to surrender. I wear braces on my legs but refuse to believe that I am some ogre.

      I do believe there are good-looking, ‘men next door’ types that are charismatic, intelligent, good men in their hearts, and are great role models for us and the next generation. We need to learn how to socialise again, and protect ourselves from limitations set by our own Community. That includes turning off your computers, the apps on your smartphones, and meeting others face-to-face, and talk about each other.

      Not everything in life is about Pietro, although he is handsome. Could QUEERTY* tone down just a little bit on Long Dong Silvers, and include handsome gay men that are not built to standards that was left to Mythology until 30 years ago? It limits you to a very small niche that is enthralled by this, but I do believe that you have an incredible opportunity by showing some men that are really hot without ripping away the mystery of wondering what they have going underneath their knickers.

      There’s no one that’s perfection for all, yet there are also some that like it because they will relate to them. I am confident that just providing just a little less about throbbing foot-longs, and include some incredibly attractive men without huge everything, that are openly gay, talking more about their life outside of baby oil and a fluff. There are sexy beautiful men of different shapes, sizes, and are authentic. They are doing something more to help the challenges to our Communities beyond the gay villages in the World.

      Yes, Pietro is handsome, and I’m sure in a fit of sexual frustration I might decide to wank about him, but there are also many others that would turn me, and many other gay or bisexual men on. It’s not meant to demean Pietro, QUEERTY* or your readers. I just want to offer a suggestion for your future plans.

  • toronto

    Please be my boyfriend, and then tell me your troubles Pietro.

  • natekerchel

    If you don’t want people to judge you on your body then stop taking your clothes off. I think we are also in danger of over-estimating his place in the ‘halls of academe’ – he is a maths teacher, not Albert Einstein. No I am not jealous of him in any way whatsoever – and I wish him well. But stop with the complaints of not being taken seriously – you take your clothes off at the drop of a hat!

    • SpireaX

      Uh, no. He wasn’t complaining, he was being asked questions. Because that’s why they do in interviews.

      And he’s a model. Taking off clothes is part of the job description. You wish you got paid what to take your clothes off.

      And his level of being a “maths teacher” is being a mechanical engineering PhD who taught maths to engineering students subjects such as computational fluid dynamics as applied to the design of turbo machinery. That may not be Albert Einsten-level genius but I can guarantee that’s beyond most people’s ken.

      I don’t think “we are also in danger of over-estimating his place in the ‘halls of academe’” – I think you have no clue what it takes to be in academia.

      “No, I am not jealous of him…” LOL – yeah, sure.

    • dwes09

      Where exactly is he complaining in this article?
      His responses are even handed and realistic.
      Seems to me you are reacting not to the statements he makes but to your pre-existing stereotypes regarding those of whom you are obviously jealous.

      We wish perhaps that the handsome/built were shallow and petulant, trading qualities deemed deep for those deemed shallow. But it is not necessarily the case. Get over it.

  • Tommy5677

    He is exactly why people find good looking people intimidating and don’t want to talk to them. As far as I’m concerned he said nothing. And just so you know he ain’t all dat. A lot of people don’t like classic pumped hairless gym bodies.

    • dwes09

      People find the very attractive difficult to talk to (or for some, easy) because of things within themselves, not because of anything intrinsic to beautiful people. The intimidation is from your psyche, not from the people you find intimidating.

      And “he ain’t all ‘dat'” TO YOU, not in any absolute sense. However, given your opening comments/assumptions, that statement sounds more like jealousy than anything else.

    • man5996853

      I’m sure he’ll survive without your approval.

  • Godabed

    i personally don’t care what you look like. You look like a young man with muscles, and some day you’ll be an old man with saggy muscles. You make money off your looks and some people find you attractive. Clearly you’re shallow enough to focus on your physical appearance and even though you don’t see any disadvantage from looking “pretty”, you’re clearly taking advantage of it monetarily. But looks fade, and the older you get the less people will be incline to give you that same attention so soak it up now buttercup because the clock is ticking.

    • dwes09

      Seems pretty obvious he is well aware of that, as notoriety for his looks was thrust upon him AFTER he already had a career in mathematics. And given an analytical mind (mathematics?) you may be sure he is well aware that looks can be transient. Your bitterness, displayed clearly in your post, is something you need to look at.

    • Josh447

      You’re jealous and resentful. Take it out on yourself not him. He’s got it all going on. You, not so much.

  • Tracy Pope

    You use “Math teacher” as though that’s just an aside. His Phd is in mechanical engineering. He’s certainly not your average model.
    About his genetic lottery win (Queerty’s click-baity title notwithstanding) he said
    “I don’t think there would be any direct disadvantage, apart from maybe some stereotypes or the fact that people won’t necessarily focus on other aspects of your personality.” Which is exactly how every poster here responded.
    He’s smart and attractive and likely very aware that looks aren’t forever. It makes sense that he will eventually be using his degree in his professional life whether he’s modeling or not.

  • DeShawn

    His responses could have used some red ink, but I’m guessing that his left brain more than compensates for that. And that’s fine. I’m not really sure why there’s so much fuss, in either regard, over this. This should really be a risqué children’s book titled, “Tall, Dark, Over-Educated & Handsome White Guy Takes a Chance.” When privilege is presented this one-dimensionally, it’s rarely a tale of adventure or uniqueness. It’s usually just entertainment and escape. If he wants to explore other opportunities while teaching, then he obviously has our vote. Good for him! Again, his story isn’t all that unique (smart AND good looking people exist) and judging him as trying to sell it as such is disingenuous. Let him have his day in the sun. The rest of us, honestly, should do the same thing; we’ll just keep our clothes on…….or will we? ?

    • natekerchel

      I agree with what you are saying Deshawn – I am sure he is a perfectly nice man. The only issue I have is when those people who have spent endless amounts of time on their physical appearance, and make money from taking their clothes off, then start to whine about not being taken seriously. I personally dont care how often he takes his clothes off – though I personally prefer a more natural looking body shape – that is his choice. But stop with the whingeing about the image he himself has created.

    • dwes09

      He has done no whining, either in this article or others i have seen. Where is this attitude you have coming from?
      As for the OP’s comments regarding his English skills and his benefiting from white privilege: English is his second language, and being born in Italy and currently living in London political analysis from a specifically American perspective is a bit inappropriate. American notions of race, class, privilege and the role of history in shaping assumptions really cannot be applied to those who neither grew up here or live here.

  • ddean

    I think it’s funny because being pretty is a subset of who I am however it’s something I contend with. I’m 45 now and people still think I’m in my early thirties. Sometimes I spill the beans but others it’s funny to watch them treat me the way they did 15 years ago. Like a dumbo. The reality is this pretty dumb guy made myself and it wasn’t off the back of anything but hard work. Pretty doesn’t get you far but it’s definetly a door opener and a door blocker as like many of the sads on here think. We are all the same. So far from the truth. It’s the same thing as when you have a large penis. It’s a mans world. Men think with there dicks. It’s a blessing and a curse all in the same sentence. If you don’t have either then you wouldn’t understand completely. If you have both then you understand the nightmare you can live through. That’s all. My two cents .

    • JayHobeSound

      “45 and pretty”
      At least you didn’t use “45 and cute” – LoL

    • scotshot

      Whoa! Let’s check that ego! Did you write that standing in front of a mirror while patting yourself on the back?

  • Me2

    People do tend to overlook other aspects of your personality when you’re good looking. And sometimes it can be hard to make real connections because everyone is so attracted to the physical. I would definitely imagine there to be stereotypes and limited respect for gym rats in fields where work usually takes up most of a persons free time.

    • Realitycheck

      Yes, not only people keep looking at you with out caring what comes out of your mouth, but there is also the overwhelming (in this case) unrealistic expectations, where some one will see you in a social gathering and immediately assume you belong to them, of course as soon as they approach their prey reality sets in and they become enraged…. Or the other side of the equation where jealousy will completely take control of some people and they move on to strike a complete stranger.
      Next one anyone sees a very good-looking guy or girl “do not assume they are arrogant and nasty” but “do realize they are in a defense mode against high expectations” , and it never ends…. A good looking young person becomes a good looking adult and the good looking adult becomes a good looking older person, fortunately as experience and character sets in it becomes easier to deal with those kind of situations.
      To make an example anyone could understand immagine having a big group of bullies going at you every day of school. Of course there are many upsides to being good-looking, I was just focusing on the article “downside to”.

  • SpireaX

    Wait, why are people – who know him superficially through the web – making judgment calls about him as a person simply because he is a well-built physical specimen? Jesus, we all know looks fade but this Boselli has the brain to back up his brawn, so to speak. Computational fluid dynamics is not bathroom reading, folks. And if you ever read some articles about him, he chose to go to engineering because of philosophical considerations. That’s not a gym bunny airhead talking.

    For heaven’s sake, people bemoaning Boselli’s “complaints of not being taken seriously” or “whingeing” just reeks of cattiness. What? He’s not allowed to voice his opinion when Queerty makes it pretty clear he was ASKED the question, in the first place.

    You folks are something else.

    • paul dorian lord fredine

      thank you. one of the most cogent comments here.

    • dwes09

      Exactly! There are a whole lot of people here thinking and seeing with their assumptions controlling them. The fact is he does no whining at all. He simply states the obvious with an unstated implication that he has escaped the worst of the stereotyping applied to the beautiful. And he has seemingly avoided the pitfall of only developing looks, physique and superficial charm at the expense of personal depth.

  • JayHobeSound

    His answers convey a healthy combination of self-confidence, self-awareness, humility and honesty. Bonus points for a model using polysyllabic words in complete sentences. Cheers.

  • crowebobby

    There’s this guy in my village, Leonardo DaVinci, that thinks he’s all that just because he painted some crap painting I think is ugly as hell. The only reason anyone likes this so-called “masterpiece” is because Leo’s “supposed” to be good looking: people with no taste stop and stare at him whenever he walks by, but there are a dozen guys in my school who are better looking than him. Of course he’s white so he gets all the attention. When he gets older and loses those long wavy locks no one will pay any attention to him; I wouldn’t swap places with him for all the scudi in the Vatican. And don’t tell me I just jealous, because I would never be jealous a loser like him.

  • dannyboi2

    I read these comments and some are so comical. Pietro OMG, he’s a live version of David, by Michelangelo. I’ve been following his public career now for over a year or so and he’s the real deal.
    The kindest, caring, humble, loving sweetheart you could ever imagine, he is Prince Charming. Talk about role models he hangs out with his little brother and Giorgio Armani… what is not to love. He was scouted for Armani at 6 years old… At 28 the man is perfection and now is giving free fitness training on his Youtube channel. Please watch him in action he ain’t no gym bunny.

  • David

    So much truth to what he has say. when you have it, you have it and there is nothing you can do about it. to take it a step further, if I never hear the words, “Nice Dick” again, I’d be thrilled.

    Take a look around a place and often times you will see the really good looking guys with a friend who isn’t. They don’t compete with each other and just enjoy it which when you are particularly good looking doesn’t always happen. Of course there are some of the good looking ones who have no personality. there looks are all they can count on and when they get older, they are lost. Avoid them.

  • nitejonboy

    Personally, I’d rather have his lovehandled little brother. He’s a little too chiseled for me.

  • BriBri

    He’s lacking in the dick department.

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