Goin' Downton

WATCH: Downton Abbey Season 3 Trailer

Get excited!! — but of course, keep your composure, lest the Dowager Countess raises an eyebrow in protest — for the season (series if you’re appropriately British) three trailer for Downton Abbey has arrived.

Shirls “Give my daughter the shot!” MacLaine is coming aboard to stir the pot as Countess Cora’s mother, which we can only hope involves an arm-wrestling match with Dame Maggie Smith over HBIC-status of Downton. The Crawleys are apparently broke. Matthew and Lady Mary have already hit the rocks on the shores of love. And Anna is determined to get her poor Mr. Bates out of jail.

With the Roaring 20s upon them, the third season should be even more swinging than the previous two, especially without that unsightly war to worry about. We hope Lady Sybill continues to shock with bobbed hair and flapper dresses, and of course the occasional pant.

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  • Woody

    I may be wrong but I fear Lester has the need to appear more intelligent that his readers by using haughty words in past posts and in assuming the masses understand his acronym.
    HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge) is not a commonly used or understood acronym in popular culture or even on the internet. Why make uninitiated or older readers search for this term?

    Public speaking class taught me to speak to my audience NOT down to my audience. Wouldn’t good journalism require the same?

  • Woody

    On second thought, I suppose I would rather read a pompous blogger than an idiotic blogger such as Daniel Villareal.

  • Jenny

    Sorry, but all I saw was a Transformers videogame ad…disappointing.

  • Mark

    It would be nice if it worked.

  • muscl954

    The link to the trailer doesn’t work, or is incorrect. Crap.

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