Dr. Jill Biden went on ‘Sesame Street’ to promote kindness and conservatives are PISSED

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden had conservatives totally up in arms when she made a trip down to Sesame Street this week to talk about the importance of being kind and courteous to others.

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The word of the day was “kindness” and Dr. Biden, along with Gabrielle, Elmo, and Tango, discussed how doing nice things for people makes the world a better place.


Much like that time she delivered freshly baked cookies to troops or bought chocolate for her husband on Valentine’s Day, Dr. Biden pissed off conservatives with her act of generosity. Both she and Sesame Street ignited a firestorm when they shared the clip on their Twitter pages.

Check out some of the responses…

Who knew promoting kindness could trigger such vitriol?

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