Dr. Joseph Kramer, Inventor Of “Erotic B-Hole Massage,” Shows Daniel Tosh His Technique

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 11.37.00 AMDr. Joseph Kramer, a medical professional (?) who made a series of delightful videos offering “tips on how to get more pleasure out of your sphincter” in the 90’s, visited Tosh.0 this week to spread his message in the new Century.

This is the same Dr. Kramer who developed “erotic male genital massage” after spending 10 years in the priesthood. He is now considered to be “the foremost teacher of erotic massage in the world,” and in 1999, told Salon his reasoning for developing the new techniques were linked to the AIDS crisis:

When the AIDS virus struck the gay community, Kramer started looking for ways to find fulfillment sexually without risking infection. “A lot of people just stopped having sex, or had very limited sex because of HIV.” Kramer began developing his current genital massage technique. “In my classes and in my profession, I have probably erotically touched 15,000 men since HIV started. I’ve been totally safe and I’m HIV negative. People say promiscuity is the problem. It’s not.”

“He wants to change the way men experience sexual pleasure,” Tosh says, before featuring a few of Dr. Kramer’s incredible clips featuring anal massages and different ways to pleasure the “asswhole.”

Be advised, some imagery in the clip below will make even the gayest of gay men a bit squeamish. You’re a brave man if you can make it far enough to see the “soft penis massages.”