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Dr. Laura Schlessinger Is Too Good a Story to Let Her Leave Radio Forever!

Sorry if you’re tired of Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s travails! If so, move on to the next post. But I can’t get enough! Sarah Palin coming to her defense — despite Schlessinger slamming her and her vice presidential nomination in 2008. How the thing she’s been most upset about in her radio career “is people who haven’t read what I’ve written, people who haven’t heard me on the air, telling other people to hate me.” And how, she says after her Larry King Live appearance where she announced she was leaving her show, she “went out to dinner with three friends … One of my friends who is gay is sitting there with another friend who is black, and he looks up and says, ‘I wonder what the media would do with this? You’re with a black guy and a gay guy.’ We laughed, because we all understand what this is really about — censoring a point of view.”

[Ed: Before you go bitching about the headline, it’s said in jest. Sense the tone!]