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Dr. Oz Introduces Daytime Audiences to Blossoming, Confident Transgender Kids

Most of Oprah‘s proteges annoy us, particularly those that rhyme with Fockter Dill. Now, Dr. Oz just might be on that list, but last week he introduced living room Americans to a little word called “transgender,” and in a not terribly exploitative way! Even when dealing with transgender kids!

Elementary school kids cross-dressing? Fourteen-year-olds having double mastectomies? Every parent’s dream! With any conversation about transgender youth come the obvious questions: Is it just a phase? Is surgery too dramatic? Should parents agree to stunt their child’s puberty? In a television segment that’s just a few handfuls of minutes, it’s impossible to get to all these issues.

The best part of Dr. Oz’s segment, then, is showcasing just a couple happy, healthy families — with understanding parents willing to learn from, and not shun their transgender kids — speaking ably about a very difficult subject.

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