Dr. Oz’s “crudité” grocery shopping backfires stupendously

Dr. Oz goes shopping to for crudité ingredients
Dr. Oz goes shopping to for vegetables (Photo: Twitter)

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s (D) trolling of Dr. Mehmet Oz continues to hammer the would-be GOP lawmaker’s campaign.

Both men are running to represent Pennsylvania in the Senate. Fetterman has relentlessly exploited the fact Oz has lived for many years in New Jersey and never in Pennsylvania.

Fetterman’s latest attack has gone viral and, according to his campaign team, helped boost his funding by $500,000.

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Back in April, Oz posted a video wandering around a Pennsylvania grocery store. He was buying vegetables and complained when the broccoli, asparagus, carrots, guacamole and salsa he wanted to purchase added up to more than $20.

Oz expressed shock at such price hikes for a simple “crudité” his wife wished to prepare. He laid the blame at President Biden’s feet.

Fetterman re-shared the clip on Monday, mocking Oz’s use of the term “crudité” and saying, “In PA we call this a… veggie tray.” He also included a link to a definition of “crudité”: a French term for a tray of sliced, raw vegetables served with dips.

It didn’t stop there.

In his original video, Oz said he was at “Wegners.” There is no grocery store with that name. Some internet sleuths said the store was Redner’s, and Oz was mispronouncing it as “Regners”. However, others suggested it was the supermarket chain Wegman’s. It prompted ‘Wegners’ to trend on Twitter.

Even Wegman’s official Twitter account chipped in with its opinion. It said it sold pre-made veggie trays (“excuse me ‘crudité’”) from $5.99.

It wasn’t the only grocery chain to get in on the act.

Fundraising off the back of Dr. Oz’s crudité shopping

Late on Monday, Fetterman made stickers to help his fundraising. He promised to send one out to anyone who donated any amount to his campaign. The stickers say: ‘Wegners – let them eat crudité’ (a play on the infamous “Let them eat cake” quote often credited to Marie Antoinette).

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According to The Hill, the stickers raised around $65,000 for Fetterman’s campaign – part of $500,000 raised in 24 hours since the lawmaker re-shared Oz’s shopping video.

“John [Fetterman] actually understands what it’s like to go grocery shopping and to see prices go up,” Brendan McPhillips, Fetterman’s campaign manager, said in a release yesterday.

“Oz clearly has never been in a grocery store before. That’s why this is resonating with supporters across Pennsylvania.”

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