Dr. Oz’s trainwreck U.S. Senate campaign just got even more trainwreck-y

The trainwreck otherwise known as Mehmet Oz’s doomed U.S. Senate campaign just got even more trainwreck-y (that’s a word, right?) with another terrible poll for the Donald Trump-endorsed TV doctor.

A new survey by Franklin & Marshall College finds Oz trailing his Democratic opponent, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, by a whopping 13–yes, 13!–points in the state’s open-seat Senate race.

According to the poll, Fetterman is dominating with 43% support among registered voters in the Keystone State, compared to Oz’s 30%. Another 20% said they were still undecided.

But Oz’s bad news doesn’t stop there.

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Among Democrats, Fetterman performed well, earning an impressive 76% of support. Oz, however, did much more poorly among Republicans, with just 62% of support–far, far behind what a GOP candidate needs to win a swing state like Pennsylvania.

Fetterman also did better with Independents, pulling in 34% support to Oz’s 17%. And he maintains a much higher popularity rating, with 43% holding a positive view of him (36% held an unfavorable view), compared to Oz’s 27% positive and 57% negative marks.

Oz is clearly starting to panic, as evidenced by the fact that he’s recently begun resorting to using Fetterman’s health as a reason why people shouldn’t vote for him.

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In May, the 53-year-old suffered a stroke and had to undergoing surgery to install a pacemaker with a defibrillator, which the TV doctor/cardiologist now suggests should disqualify him from the race.

Last week, Oz appeared on Laura Ingraham’s show to talk about how Fetterman “mumbles and stumbles” on the campaign trail.

“As a physician, I feel badly that he’s struggling,” Oz said. “That stated, for democracy to work, Laura, you have to be able to answer questions from the press, from voters. You’ve gotta hear what constituents are gonna say. And he’s just not been out there.”

A spokesperson for Fetterman said the campaign has been very transparent about his health, acknowledging that he is in speech therapy and still has “trouble with some hearing and auditory processing.” This is not uncommon after a person suffers a stroke.

Fetterman held his first campaign rally since his stroke earlier this month, and he gave remarks at the United Steelworkers’ international headquarters last week, marking his second official public event of the general election. At both stops, he didn’t take questions from the press.

And he’s still leading by double digits.

We’d say that has less to do with Fetterman’s ability to lead and more do with Oz’s complete trainwreck of a campaign.

Now, some tweets…

And here’s what Fetterman himself has to say…

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