Dr. Phil Talks Trans (And So Can You!)

Dr. Phil today spent his talk show discussing “gender confused children,” the dangers of early hormone therapy, chatted with parents of trans children and debated Focus on the Family’s right-wing perspective. Obviously these are controversial topics and you can be sure Phil’s message boards are positively burning up right now. But one comment more than any other has been fueling the debate:

As a Christian, I KNOW that people are NOT born gay. God created man and woman to procreate and there is no way two women or two men can naturally procreate together. God loves all of His creation, but He also gave us free-will to make a choice and being gay is a choice. Find people who have been delivered from being gay and perhaps you may be enlightened. We have to get out of this mindset of allowing children to be what they THINK they want to be. Parents are stewards of children and are expected to raise them with morals that line up according to the Word (Holy Bible) and not according to what society accepts.

The gay folk are having a field day.

Note: Apparently some of you aren’t familiar with “message boards,” because there’s confusion on where that quote came from – it’s from some anonymous Phil viewer, not the host.