Dr. Robert P. George’s IPO on Marriage Culture: Get the Stock While It’s Hot

Dr. Robert P. George is a Princeton University jurisprudence professor and “a Roman Catholic who is this country’s most influential conservative Christian thinker.” He’s one of these Smiling Bigots, convinced the culture wars are still raging (they are), and a staunch defender of religious freedoms. Namely, the right of churches to defend themselves against the onslaught of gay marriage.

He has maintained friendships in the White House, Supreme Court, and Congress, to say nothing of his ties to the Catholic Church. Karl Rove, George W. Bush, Antonin Scalia, and Glenn Beck are all fans. He sits atop the National Organization for Marriage as its chairman. And if ever there was a cheerleader for priests and archbishops to involve themselves in the secular world, it is George.

And George’s brand of terror is perfectly encapsulated in this clip from Thursday’s Southern Evangelical Seminary panel in Charlotte. Watching human beings like Dr. George is akin to seeing a leprechaun in real life: they do exist.