'Drag Ball: The Game', From Kickstarter to Reality!

Drag Ball: The Game

In July 2013, New York City drag queen fan James Campbell launched a Kickstarter campaign to turn his idea for a drag queen board game, called Drag Ball: The Game, into reality. By the time the campaign ended in August Campbell had raised $8,022, a sickening $3,022 above his $5,000 goal! Now, seven months later, the game is available for drag queen fans around the world to own!

About Drag Ball: The Game

[quote]Sickening runway walks. Giving face. Throwing shade. Who says drag only lives in the bars and on your television anymore?

If you’ve always wanted a taste of what competitive drag serves up, Drag Ball The Game is exactly what you are looking for! Choose your Queen and develop her Tenacity, Wit, Aesthetic, and Tricks while navigating the Runway Challenges and keeping out of the Bottom Two every round!

Win challenges to earn rewards while throwing shade at your competitors, keeping them down where they belong. Should you fall into the Bottom Two, be prepared to serve it up during a live performance to determine whether you are Fish or you are Filth! Survive and you will live to walk the Runway another day! Fail and… Bye, Felicia!

Featuring fierce artwork by Chad Sell (of Drag Race fan art fame), Drag Ball The Game is a party game designed for 5-12 players, perfect for a night in with your best squirrel friends! Pour yourself a cocktail, beat that mug, and enjoy your first time in drags at the ball!”[/quote]

Check out the character, Kickstarter funding video and Kickstarter tutorial videos below or buy the game now for only $39.99!

The Characters of Drag Ball: The Game

Drag Ball The Game Character Pissi MylesDrag Ball The Game Character Rita B. ItchDrag Ball The Game Character Ginny TonicDrag Ball The Game Character Ivana LichtenschaftDrag Ball The Game Character Charlotte HufflepuffDrag Ball The Game Character Chiquita Del FuegoDrag Ball The Game Character Endora Von StepfordDrag Ball The Game Character Jewy AndrewsDrag Ball The Game Character Latoya LincolnDrag Ball The Game Character LetigreDrag Ball The Game Character Moesha CosbyDrag Ball The Game Character Shady Delady

Kicstarter Funding Request Video

Kickstarter Tutorial Videos



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