Barbie's Dream Tuck

PHOTOS: Break Out The Ginsu Knives Because Drag Barbie Is Serving Fish

Ken is that you? Barbie gets a dragtastic makeover with a new limited edition doll modeled after Phillipe Blond, one transvestite half of the fashion design duo, The Blonds. Inspired by a look from their fall 2008 collection, the $125 Blond Diamond Barbie comes dolled up in a white faux-fur coat with hot pink lining and a showstopping bejeweled corset dress any drag queen would sacrifice her best wig to tuck into. While the doll officially comes out of Mattel’s closet in December — just in time for Christmas (hint, hint) — there’s no word on if Blond Diamond Barbie comes with a package of her own that needs unwrapping. Click through the gallery for more pictures of this diminutive diamond diva.