Drag Queen Goes to Twerk on “Proud Mary” for New Zealand’s “X-Factor”

18-year-old drag queen Ashley Tonga threw on her fake Louboutins (we’re not fooled) and rolled her way down the river onto New Zealand’s version of The X-Factor — called, who knew, The X-Factor — where she wrapped the judges up in her top knot and refused to let them go.

No tea, no shade, her performance of “Proud Mary” was a bit sloppy — sort of like drunken karaoke — but homegurl had the conviction and sold it. Unsurprisingly the panel of judges bought it all up without even asking for a receipt. And an internet star is born. Werq, mama!

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  • 2eo

    Another reason why we as a species are doomed to failure. I wish people would bomb these shows instead of charity races and buildings full of actual people.

  • Ogre Magi

    Looks a bit older than 18!

  • balehead

    She is amazing!! Don’t wish death on me for respecting the transgendered….

  • daansins

    I loved it… Ofcourse these shows are terrible, infact these shows are the reason why I totally hate commercial television. But in al honesty it brought a smile on my face. Nice to see his family supporting him. Very camp, but very fun to watch! Werk it!

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