Drag Queen Confronts One of America's Most LGBT-Unfriendly College Campuses

Sam Perry the moon baby dentata drag queen music video 1
‘Dentata’ is an eerie and captivating music video by drag recording artist Sam Perry (aka the moon baby). In the video, Sam confronts Grove City College, which is currently ranked by the Princeton Review as America’s second most LGBT-unfriendly college.

Watch ‘Dentata’ and then read Sam’s amazing story below.

[quote]In 2007, I enrolled in Grove City College, one of the nation’s top conservative, Christian institutions, as Sam Perry, mild mannered Christian asexual republican. As I entered my first year, I was optimistic that I could make the campus my own. Four years later, with amazing friends, horrible grades, and plenty of stories, I graduated and moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a short drive from my hometown. I was going to be an artist.

“Within a year, I was a performance artist in residence at the Waffle Shop, a late-night neighborhood restaurant that produced and broadcast a live-streaming talk show of which I was the writer and star once a month. I called the show “Scheibe Zeig” – translated meaning “Shit Show” – and used the time and space given me to talk about and tackle things I was afraid of or uncomfortable with. A coworker of mine took me to see my first drag show at the legendary Blue Moon – the bar I now call home.

“Alaska Thunderfuck was emceeing that night and Pittsburgh legends like Cherri Baum, Veruca La’Piranha and Sharon Needles were all taking the stage. I was mesmerized but uncomfortable, so I knew that my next ‘Shit Show’ would be my first time in drag. I began performing incessantly in Pittsburgh as the celestial diety-turned white trash media mogul, the moon baby, and used drag as a conduit for my music.

“In 2014, I released my LP, ‘Drag Queen Music’, with my producer, Light the Knight. For our first single, Dentata, I wanted to show something about myself to my friends, so I traveled with film maker Mario Ashkar and photographer Masha Mousebones to my alma mater, which was named in 2013 by the Princeton Review as America’s number one least LGBT friendly campus. This video is the result.”[/quote]