NYC Drag Queen, Hedda Lettuce, Has a Few Words to Say About Ebola

Hedda Lettuce Drag Queen Ebola New York City

New York City drag queen, Hedda Lettuce, has a few words to say about fearing the ebola virus and the recently announced first ebola patient in the largest U.S. city.

Watch the two videos below to hear her full, sarcastically-emphasized opinions on the ebola situation.

Our choice moment from the first video is when Hedda says, “You can’t leave in fear. Ebola’s not gonna get ya. Don’t be afraid of ebola. You’re more likely to be killed by a polar bear in Poland then get ebola, ladies and gentlemen.”

And the choice moment from the second video is when she says, “Do you know what I think is really stupid? That a doctor could go to Libera, right, and basically fist fuck a person with ebola, come back to New York City and think, ‘Oh, I’m not gonna have a problem with this, no. I think I’m feeling a little sick and I’m gonna go bowling, and maybe I’ll go swimming. Oh, I’m gonna go do my choir practice. Oh, I’m making a porn movie…. I don’t understand people nowadays. This is a person in the medical profession…”

Watch the two videos and then leave us a comment and share your opinion on the whole ebola situation. Do you agree or disagree with Hedda’s points?

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Oh boy ebola! – Hedda Lettuce

First cast of ebola hits NYC. Panic!