Leap of faith

This drag queen leapt off a double-decker bus to do a full-on split, and whoa. Just whoa.

“A drag queen doing a split?” you sniff. “Who cares? I’ve seen it all before.”

But that’s when we tell you that this particular Miami queen landed her split from the top of a double-decker bus and you spit out your coffee and are all, “Okay, what? Tell me everything.”

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It’s true. A certain drag queen who goes by the name Elishaly D’witshes caused a serious sensation outside the Palace Bar on Friday, with a hair-flippy, no-holds-barred performance.

She was simply somersaulting in-between the tables when she happened to notice a tour bus parked outside. And that’s when things went next-level.

She galloped off, trotting onto the bus and up to the top deck. Then — scream — she flipped herself right off the guardrail, dangling for a moment, and then leaping into a full-fledged split. And then everyone died, and you died, and we’re all dead now, and that’s totally okay.

This is how we do it at the Palace bar Elishaly

Posted by Thomas Donall on Saturday, June 24, 2017

h/t: NewNowNext