Drag Queen Wig Styling Tip: How to Curl or Crimp a Synthetic Wig

Skarlet Starlet Curl Crimp Drag Queen Synthetic Wig Style Guide Featured Image

We’re kicking off our new Drag Queen Style Guide with our #WigWednesday feature article, where we will be bringing you some of the best tips, tricks and techniques in drag queen wig styling every Wednesday. For this week’s style guide tip, we’re teaching you how to curl or crimp a synthetic wig, brought to you by YouTube drag sensation, Skarlet Starlet!

6 Simple Steps for Curling or Crimping a Synthetic Wig:

1. Braid all parts of your wig that you want curled or crimped*.

2. Boil water in a large pot.

3. Place the braided wig in the bath tub and pour the boiling water over it.

4. Run cold water over the wig.

5. Blow dry the wig until most of the moisture is removed.

6. Un-braid the braids.

If you follow all six of these steps, you should have a fully curled or crimped wig.

*For bigger curls, we suggest that you try using larger braids.

Watch Skarlet’s full video tutorial below and don’t forget to subscribe to her on YouTube for more fierce videos!

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