Blades of glory

A drag queen wild skating in the mountains is what you need to see today

Drag queen Pattie Gonia wild ice skating to 'Single Ladies'
(Images: @pattiegonia | Instagram)

We’re big fans of the environmental advocate and drag queen Pattie Gonia. A video clip he posted to Instagram yesterday has gone viral. It features him wild ice skating upon a frozen lake in the mountains of Colorado.

In Instagram Stories, Pattie Gonia (@pattiegonia) – the drag persona of the photographer and videographer Wyn Wiley – revealed that he worked with cameraman and drone operator Will Strathmann to capture the amazing footage, which is all set to Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’.

Pattie Gonia has amassed over 312,000 Instagram followers in just over two years with his outdoor adventures, which often featuring him hiking in high heels or climbing mountains.

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Although he sometimes presents himself as just an “clown”, there’s also a very serious side to his postings. Wiley wants to promote diversity and inclusion and challenge the presumption that hiking and climbing can only be seen as macho pursuits. He’s also keen to share with his followers the beauty of nature and its delicate ecological balance.

His messages often urge people to take care of the environment. His latest video finds him wearing a dress made from hundreds of pieces of single-use plastic, to highlight the damage such materials do to our world.

You can watch a 30-minute documentary, Dear Mother Nature, about Wiley, below.

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