Drag Queens Don’t Usually Stab You In The Back

Dressed to Kill Pic

We love our drag queens. Sure they can be catty and sassy in persona, but inside they’re typically total sweethearts. Well at least those that aren’t plunging sharp objects into your lower back. That’s what appears to have happened in Arkansas this weekend. What appears to have been a domestic dispute turned ugly when Joshua Odom, the drag queen performer, stabbed a nameless victim (read: boyfriend/lover/mistress) with…something…while giving him a hug.

Police located the victim at the nightclub, where he was treated for a small puncture wound to the mid/lower back but refused transport to Washington Regional Medical Center. Authorities were unsure of what weapon was used but suspected it was small because of the size of the wound.

Investigators think the incident could be the result of problems in a past relationship involving the two, Gabbard said.

We can only assume that the victim did something that pissed off Odum. An important lesson we learned a while back and one that this “victim” has only recently come to realize is never, ever fuck with a drag queen. Especially one with long, sharp talons for fingernails.

Fayetteville man arrested after incident at drag queen show
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