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Why drag queens and gay adult film stars get along so well

Bianca Del Rio: “It’s fascinating I find, especially I think since Drag Race, that the majority of the people I follow on Twitter and the majority of the people that I hang out with, having drinks with before or after the show, are always porn stars and go-go boys because they can relate to a drag queen’s life.”

Katya: “They can hang!”

Bianca: “They understand. They know that when everybody comes up to you or talks to you it’s always about something else. And like you can actually have a full conversation with them because they want to have a conversation with you because everything is usually so superficial. Some of my favorite people are porn stars and go-go boys. I can kiki with [them] all night.”

Katya: “There is a huge overlap in the lifestyle, in the expectations. The trappings of this kind of quasi-fame. We are like ‘gay famous.’ Bianca is a huge star now, but like, a lot of people want to collect us as little Pokémon for their Instagram. A lot of the porn stars relate to that, too.”— Bianca Del Rio and Katya discussing the unexpected-but-totally-logical connection between drag queens and porn stars on Katya’s podcast, Whimsically Volatile.

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