Drag Queens Read Mean Tweets About Themselves; The Internet Has A Filthy Mouth

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 8.46.24 AMTaking a cue (and an unauthorized logo) from Jimmy Kimmel Live, these drag queens from down under (and Bianca Del Rio) dive into the Twitterverse to find the meanest, nastiest things about themselves. Then they read it for our entertainment.

It couldn’t have been too hard — these queens are professional shade throwers so it’s only natural that they’d get some back. Plus self-deprecating humor is like fuel for them, so what better addition to your act than talking about how someone thinks you’re the abortion of Cruela DeVille and Fred Flintstone?

Whoever edited this video deserves a little shade too…at 2:43 the screen goes black and there’s background music on a loop for two and a half more minutes. iMovie, it’s not so hard.

Watch here: