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“Drag Race” champ Yvie Oddly doesn’t wanna take free photos with fans

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Yvie Oddly, winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 (image via VH1)

Yvie Oddly, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11, recently wrote that it’s selfish for fans to expect drag queens to take photos with them after they finish performing because it’s like asking a star chef for free food after they’ve run out of ingredients.

Here’s what Oddly wrote on Twitter:

Imagine that you’re a very passionate chef who landed your dream job at a prestigious restaurant. Imagine that you just spent a long day on your feet cooking for people who pay you because they appreciate how your food tastes.

Now imagine that you walk out of the restaurant and are met by a mob of people who love your food and ask you to cook for them… for free… and without any ingredients because you just used them all…

This is why I refuse to take pictures after I finish a show. Don’t be selfish.

I like to surround myself with passionate, and empathetic individuals, so in case this message ever gets misconstrued by those who would rather write me off as entitled than a human with human needs: I love my family and I love my FANS! P.s. The rest of you can go eat a baby!

Oddly is young (25), has only been Drag Race‘s reigning queen for a little over a month and has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a condition that results in a bodily shortage of collagen which can cause pain and joints to pop out of place. So it makes sense why Oddly would use an overwrought cooking metaphor to try and explain their fatigue.

Fans sometimes expect too much from their idols, and being mobbed by fans after you’ve just given your all can feel exhausting and even a little unfair, especially if you have a chronic illness.

However, numerous Twitter users pointed out to Oddly that it’s an honor to have fans at all and that some fans can’t afford paid photo opportunities (let alone the $30 ticket they bought just to see Oddly).

Regardless on where you stand on this, Oddly issued the following apology after fan blowback:

My previous tweet caused quite the stir. I want to take the opportunity to have a conversation that is important for our community. First, we as queens need to listen when our fans feel disrespected. If anyone felt disrespected or unappreciated, I sincerely apologize.

I do truly love my fans and take it very seriously to show gratitude for their support and enjoy meeting them. I take responsibility in falling short in this, and I’m deeply sorry if it’s come off that I don’t care, or am not grateful.

Now, just as the queens have the responsibility to respect their fans, the fans have the responsibility to respect the queens’ boundaries, simple as that.

In other words, you can ask Oddly for a photo after a show, but she needs you to respect that she might say no because of her physical needs. She might say no, and if she does, please don’t get all salty about it.

You can catch Oddly’s new reality series, Yvie Oddly’s Oddities, after it premieres the week of Sept. 1 on World of Wonder’s streaming app. In it, Oddly will “create her unique brand of avant-garde drag on a broke queen budget” using “unique finds, thrift store throwaways and household items,” or as she likes to call them, “ingredients.”

Author’s note: The article above has been edited in light of comments made by Oddly.