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  • Billy Budd

    I like the “anything goes” attitude of drag queens. They are colorful, playful, excessive, superlative. I would never date one, but I fully support them.

  • Thedrdonna

    The mark of a true ally: making the changes when the community you’re allied with points out an error you’ve made. This definitely fits the bill!

  • ChgoReason

    Cool. Now if she would just stop using Sissy That Walk for the runway presentations. Not every gay guy wants to go around using effeminate mannerisms.

  • Icebloo

    Did RuPaul finally choose a white winner of her show or is she still always fixing it for her black friends to win ? You know, the ones she pretends she never met before the show started.

  • Deex

    @Icebloo: Ummm you mean like Sharon needles, Chad Michaels or Jinkx Monsoon?

  • Cam

    I always thought the “You’ve got She-mail” line was funny.

    Then again, I’m not transgender so frankly it never occurred to me. If the trans community thinks it’s a shitty thing to say then more power too them and thanks to Logo for being reasonable.

    Now, to @Icebloo:

    Drag Race has had two black, three white (Including Allstars) and one South Asian winner.

  • Caine

    That is just asinine – people are far too sensitive. You got she-mail is all right by me – I suppose next thing is they will complain that Ru calls the contestants her “girls”.

  • Bulls Eye

    @ChgoReason: aw… c’mon. You DO realize it’s a competition for Drag Queens. Right?

    So while NOT every gay man wants to walk swishy, EVERY drag queen HAS to know how to “sissy that walk.”

  • lykeitiz

    If the word “queer” hadn’t been owned by the gay community, then Queer-ty would be called Gay-ty. Trans people need to own “She-male” and get over it.

  • hotshot70

    this is SO stupid. In this case “she-mail” is more a play on “e-mail”. People find anything to bitch about and try to start law suits. What next? “Sissy that walk” is offensive? “Charisma Uniqueness, Nerve, Talent” being banned (when the dummies figure that one out). LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE!

  • hotshot70

    also Bianca is a friend of RuPaul’s, so if she ends up winning, I call TOTAL SHENANNIGANS!

  • Desert Boy

    I’m so tired of all the political correctness. To attack Ru Paul of all the people in the world. I never thought the day would come that I say this but it’s time to drop the “T” from “LGBT”. The trans (am I allowed to call them this?) crowd is ridiculous and never belonged with us anyway.

  • Kangol


    You seem to be trying hard to stir up [email protected] nonsense. RuPaul has repeatedly chosen white winners. Please stop the [email protected] nonsense or take it elsewhere. This is Queerty, not Stormfront.

    Good for RuPaul getting her words about trans people together. She’s doing a good thing overall, and everyone can stand to learn ways to make life better and more equitable for others.

  • babybabybaby

    They could get rid of some more things too…..

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    I might clutch my pearls when Carmen Carrera stops dancing naked in bars for her fetish audience.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Thedrdonna: Thanks for seeing it that way. Elsewhere, sadly, many are calling for the end of drag all together. I kind of want to give you a big hug right now. lol

  • DarkZephyr

    I don’t see how RuPaul can be accused of racism. Her partner is white for pity’s sake.

  • Thedrdonna

    @DarkZephyr: Hehe, just as important as calling for change is recognizing when change has been made in good faith.

  • Michael

    Oh for CHRIST SAKE get over it! Its a drag race! Its meant to be cheeky, camp as hell, and sly. Absolutely with hotshot70 on this one. “She-mail” runs along the same lines as when Ru asks the girls to come up with a “herstory” and it was never meant to be anything more than that.

    It really runs to what so many write in various comment sections every day. Don’t like it? Don’t f—–g watch it, and that certainly applies to a certain someone above whining about “Sissy up that walk”. If you find girly guys offensive, what on earth are you tuning in for?

    JESUS CHRIST this is annoying!!! Clearly someone has nothing better to do than stir shit for attention.

  • Cam

    What will be interesting is seeing how the Trans community handles RuPaul and Logo doing everything that they have asked.

    If the Trans Community KEEPS attacking Ru, then you will see that this has nothing to do with what was said, but rather were targeting a gay show and had another agenda. If they graciously accept the changes we will know that that was exactly what this was about.

    I’m waiting to see if they were being disingenuous because unfortunately some of the really over the top trans activists never miss an opportunity to attack the gay community.

    And this comment is coming from somebody who supported RuPaul changing the language.

  • niles

    The T’s have really been stirring up the gay hate haven’t they? Not only do they insist on having their own exclusive organizations (that do not support gay rights), they have attacked and forced groups like GLAAd to ban the words gay and lesbian. Now it is drag they are targeting.

  • Polaro

    fine line between funny and offensive. I sure did not think she-male was on the offensive list. With the proliferation of alternative sexuality and genders its a mine field. Sometimes this stuff gets just a little too stupid to be taken seriously. Seriously.

  • Cam

    Did anybody else notice in the last episode that Chaz Bono called himself “Heterosexual”?

    And right there is why there seems to be a disconnect in the Trans communities mind when it comes to the gay community. how can you really support the community as a member when at your core you don’t feel like you want to be a part of that group?

  • BrianZ

    @Cam: I understand your frustrations with the current state of affairs under the LGBTQ banner. It can, does, often feel like there is a lot of infighting and ugliness. As far as the hurt feelings over she-mail and similar phrases: I would suggest to you that each of us, as an individual and a group, be allowed to define what we feel is hurtful and to express that freely. I personally don’t see the harm in many of those phrases but I’m not trans, while at the same time if someone utters ‘faggot’ within earshot, there’s going to be trouble. We can have a conversation about it (and it needs to be a conversation, not a blame game) but at the end of the day someone who isn’t gay doesn’t get to tell me that I shouldn’t be bothered by faggot and I don’t think we should be trying to dictate to others how they feel either.

    I agree that we have seen the transgender community at their best lately in expressing those feelings of hurt. I perceive a lot of acrimony and very little respect, and in both directions. Maybe we can all be a bit more kind to and tolerant of one another, even if we don’t have the depth of understanding to truly understand. Perhaps the transgender community is struggling to find their own voice, often finding themselves lost in the loud championing of gay rights? I don’t know. I do know that we, gay men, lesbians and our bisexual siblings, are making terrific progress in the broad society so let’s concentrate on that and continue OUR positive progress forward and not get mired down in anyone else’s negative BS.

  • gskorich

    its too bad people can’t laugh any more

  • BrianZ

    @BrianZ: uhg …. “I agree that we have NOT seen the transgender community at their best ”

    Really … why can’t I have a correct button, just for 5 minutes after posting?

  • rocklobster52

    I tell you what’s insulting: accusing RuPual – RUPAUL of all people, a gender identity trailblazer and pioneer of LGBT self-acceptance – of being transphobic is just nonsense. Such a waste of energy, considering all the real issues affecting the trans community out there.

  • Cam


    Absolutely, and I was supportive of the word change figuring that Trans community could determine that.

    However, now that the changes have been made, if they continue to attack RuPaul it will be obvious that this was about hatred of the gay community, or RuPaul in general and just an excuse to attack.

    If they say Thank you and stop the attacks then we will know it was genuine.

  • gskorich

    @Cam: why hasn’t anyone complained about ‘sissy that walk’ ? isn’t that a dangerous phrase

  • Desert Boy

    Logo-TV is run by a bunch of cowards.

  • ptay85

    I didn’t think “she-mail” wasn’t wildly inappropriate for a DRAG reality show. However, the mini-challenge where they were to choose female or she-male…not too nice.

  • Miss Understood

    I don’t know why my comment from yesterday is being held for moderation. I’m a nice lady, I never spammed anyone.:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation. Our system might have erroneously auto-flagged your comment as spam; if so, we’ll fix it quickly. Or maybe you previously abused your commenting privileges, violated our Comments Policy, included a link to a known SPAM/harmful site, posted comments that detracted from the conversation, or have been repeatedly flagged by other users for being a jerk — in which case we won’t publish your comment.
    Apr 15, 2014 at 9:22 am

  • HirsuteOne

    @Miss Understood:

    Did you type the word “she m ale” as one word? It’s a banned word in the QUEERTY comment system. I’m not sure if she-male or she male will pass.

  • inbama

    Well, there you have it.

    Queerty could’ve avoided all this controversy if they had simply mentioned it was one of their “banned words” to protect our delicate trans flowers from inconsiderate homosexuals exercising their cis privilege.

  • Jessie R

    Reposting my comment from a few days ago with slight modifications because a relevant word got it filtered:

    Chaz called himself heterosexual because he’s a guy who likes girls, the fact that he’s a trans guy doesn’t change that. There are plenty of bi/gay/queer trans people, but sexuality and gender are separate. That doesn’t mean that trans people aren’t part of the queer/LGBT/GSM community, because for multiple reasons, sexuality and gender are both sufficient criteria for being in those communities.

    For the record, in my opinion the She-mail pun didn’t seem worth complaining about on its own, but the Female or She-male mini-challenge, which was the main point of contention for most activists, is kind of nasty. It perpetuates the stereotype that there’s something deceptive about presenting as another gender than the one you were assigned (whether for performance or personal identity), that everyone who does so can be clocked, and that clocking those people is a fun game instead of a nasty, rude behavior.

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