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‘Drag Race’ queen suspended from Twitter for calling out a Trump supporter

More casualties from the battleground known as Twitter…

Drag Race star Tatianna found herself in self-described “Twitter jail” after lashing out at conservative commentator/troll Tomi Lahren. The fight began earlier this week when pop star Taylor Swift tweeted out her support for Democrats in next month’s election, and her declaration that she would only endorse a candidate that promoted LGBTQ equality.

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Conservative commentator Lahren, winner of the Queerty Award for “2nd Worst Person Alive” earlier this year, then attacked Swift for her tweets. “Taylor, you’re wrong,” Lahren replied. “Let’s be clear, I’m not with Taylor and I’m not with Kanye. I’m not for celebrities that pop off of shit they don’t understand. Period.”

Tomi Lahren

Lahren’s attack prompted Tatianna to take a stand in Swift’s defense. “But wait you dumb fucking bitch…” Tatianna tweeted, “wasn’t Donald a fucking reality star? Aren’t you out here to become a fucking celeb? Trash ass bitch.”

The tweet violated Twitter’s anti-bullying policies, and Tatianna found her account suspended shortly thereafter. She later posted about landing in “Twitter jail” via her Instagram account.

Tatianna’s Twitter account has since been reactivated. The exchange is just the latest in a long history of conflicts involving Lahren, known for her incendiary rhetoric and anti-LGBTQ views.