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Which ‘Drag Race’ season 10 queen peed an actual “puddle” on the main stage?

Monét X Change peed on the stage in her red costume when she was getting critiqued, right before she lip-synced against Dusty Ray Bottoms. Like, a puddle. Literally. She had to go and they were in the middle of critiques, she was shaking and she was like, ‘I got to go, I got to go’. So she starting going, and then she ran. What else happened? Miss Blair St. Clair, as tiny as she may be, eats like a 400-pound woman. Blair would bring home boxes of pizza. Whatever the food was for lunch and dinner, Blair had two plates. We would go, ‘Where in the hell is your skinny ass putting this?’ The bitch would eat, okay? EAT.”— Monique Heart, when asked by Gay Times to share some Drag Race season 10 T.