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Drag Race winner Tyra Sanchez announces their comeback … but on OnlyFans?

Tyra Sanchez (@kingtyrasanchez | Instagram)

Tyra Sanchez, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2, may be making a comeback… on OnlyFans.

In a public Facebook post, Sanchez (birth name James William Ross IV) wrote, “My name is James, her name is King Tyra! Tyra’s drag is available exclusively only on OnlyFans. Make sure to subscribe! You don’t want to miss the return of the King!”

Ross said fans would only have a limited time to subscribe.

In the sole post on their OnlyFans page, the performer posted an illustration of their drag persona and reportedly wrote, “Here for nudes? LMAO! You know better than that! The King is coming back and it ain’t no time for that! This probably the best d*ck pic you’ll ever get! Next update in a lil bit!”

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Ross’ possible return to drag comes as a bit of surprise considering their long-seeming hatred of the Drag Race brand.

Shortly after winning Drag Race in 2009, the then-21-year-old performer virtually disappeared from the show — though she made appearances in the show’s Season 5 and 8 finales. He was set to appear in a Kickstarter-funded documentary called Drag Dad about raising his son Jeremiah, but the film never materialized.

In 2015, after a Drag Race fan called Ross annoying (using three gun emojis in her message), Ross told her, “Go kill yourself.” When called out, Ross refused to apologize and said suicide victims were cowards who “give up.”

In 2017, Sanchez deliberately started a hoax that Season 2 and All Stars 3 competitor Morgan Michaels had died.

In May 2017, Ross leaked Drag Race performer Tatianna’s phone number on Instagram.

In 2018, Ross ominously warned people not to attend RuPaul’s DragCon in Los Angeles noting “Don’t say I didn’t warn you…. I’d hate to say I told you so.”

Ross’ personal website had a ticking time clock counting down to a certain time during the convention and reading “B.O.O.M.,” a thinly veiled reference to a bomb. The convention and local police said they stepped up security in light of Ross’ warning.

When the ticking clock reached zero, Ross simply posted a meme on their website of a laughing Black man and text that proclaimed, “Deez nuts Ha got em!”

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When the Los Angeles Police Department questioned Ross, he said that the statements were just “art” and people should avoid the event because of the Drag Race fandom’s racism.

Afterward, Ross reset their website’s countdown timer to coincide with the occurrence of that year’s DragCon NYC.

That same year, Ross posted a video containing threats to other Drag Race performers, in which Ross said, “When you see Ms. Phi Phi and Ms. M***********g Tati’s ass stretched out on the m***********g ground, you will know it was me. Yeah, I may not have physically did it, but it will be my doing. Remember that s**t, bitch.”

In response to that video, DragCon’s organizers sent Ross a letter telling him to apologize and state that he didn’t condone violence against anyone.

In 2019, Ross finally issued an apology for her actions, largely blaming their actions on the unexpected stresses of fame and negative reaction to Drag Race fans’ toxicity.

“The judgement, criticism, and opinions I received daily really affected my vibes and it began to control my environment,” Ross wrote. “I was on an extreme roller coaster of emotions. So many ups and too many downs. Exhausted, I was just ready to get off the ride.”

“I allowed the negativity to consume me. Boiling it inside and smiling through tears I became rebellious; thought it empowered me,” he added. “Many times I expressed myself without thinking things through. I reacted out of fear and with anger. Neglecting the fact that I was wrong, I unleashed my anger upon anyone who crossed me. Making them pay for old and new because I thought it made me feel better…. I was angry, hurt and lost.”

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In March 2020, Ross deactivated all his Tyra Ross accounts, retired his name, and said he planned to leave drag.

In June 2020, Ross leaked Drag Race alumn Raven’s phone number on his Instagram.

That same month, Ross wrote to the show’s fan in a series of now-deleted tweets, “I want absoutely nothing to do with your toxic community. Stop tagging me in your posts, stop including me with your winners. Just forget me.”

“I want absoutely nothing to do with your toxic community,” they added. “Stop tagging me in your posts, stop including me with your winners. Just forget me.”

It’s unclear how Ross will return to drag, considering their ambivalence towards Drag Race and its fandom. But seeing as they also served as a drag mother to The Vixen, a competitor on Drag Race Season 10 who has also spoken out about the fandom’s racist toxicity, perhaps Ross’ return to the artform will help inspire a new generation of competitors.