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Drag Race’s Milk out of drag (and clothes), Amy Sedaris returns, Jessica Lange becomes Joan Crawford

Drag Race veteran Milk is never not visually stunning — a fact that holds true whether or not he’s wearing makeup (or clothes.)

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It’s a project that has, erm, roughly a 50/50 chance of being camp as a row of tents.

Our first look at Feud — starring Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford and Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis — is here, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

You should probably start writing a letter to daddy.

Because he’s never ever covered by gay media, you might not be familiar with Billy Eichner and his hilarious show Billy on the Street — so let this bit about gun control (co-starring Keegan-Michael Key) be your primer.

Here’s a vague approximation of your face when you first heard TruTV greenlit a new comedy starring Amy Sedaris, which focuses on everything “from Frenching beans, to gutting a trout, to crocheting miniature sweaters, to entertaining businessmen.”

Last week, Megan Mullally paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel to discuss the Will & Grace revival, and among the many takeaways was this frothy factoid: While filming her episode, Madonna apparently didn’t know any of the actor’s names, and went about referring to them as their character’s names instead.