Drag Race’s Willam Belli On Her Role In The Watch: “Maybe I’m An Alien”

We weren’t in a rush to see the new Ben Stiller/Vince Vaughn movie, The Watch, until we remembered that Drag Race breakout star Willam Belli had a role in it. So we called her up to find out what the T was on the movie. “I play a friend of Billy [Crudup] who is of dubious gender and planet of origin. Maybe I’m an alien,” the brash blond teases. “I definitely didn’t wear panties if that tells you anything about my character’s leanings.”

As for her co-stars, Willam had nothing but praise: “Ben Stiller’s really funny—he had something new for every take. And I worked with Billy Crudrup, who is shredded—like stripper-quality ripped.”

Sigh, sounds like Magic Mike missed a golden opportunity.

The Watch opens nationwide July 27.


Photos: Paul Boulon, 20th Century Fox