Drag Terrorist Christeene Apparently Learned Korean For Her New Video

If you’ve ever seen the videos of drag terrorist Christeene, you know she occasionally belts out some tender heartfelt ballads like “Tears From My Pussy.” She’s back with a video entitled, “Workin’ On Grandma.” it makes as much sense as the average Korean karaoke video, which explains its Korean subtitles.

But even though the video’s description says, “burnt memories and ‘deviled pussy holes’ string themselves along the faded lines of CHRISTEENE’s family tree, all tucked in tight under a blanket of Korean karaoke dreams,” we had to turn to the songstress herself to try and learn what the video is actually about.

Christeene said, “Yea..iz like da softer side uh CHRISTEENE an da boyz, ya know? like when i git all personal wit you in da dark after da show an such. iz our ‘live ta tell’ if u will HAAAAAAAY!”

So… yeah, there’s that.