Dragaholic Staff Picks: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 Miss Congeniality

Fan voting has officially begun for Miss Congeniality of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7, and everybody has an opinion about who should be given the title. The staff here at Dragaholic have each made a selection and case for the queen they would like to see win, separately from one another. Here are our opinions…

06 561 Katya ZamoTim Winfred’s Choice

Founder of Dragaholic.com

My Choice: Katya

Choosing just one queen as Miss Congeniality is extremely hard this season because there wasn’t one that was truly a standout on the show. Jaidynn Diore Fierce, with her bubbly attitude and infectious smile, avoided drama and made me laugh without being cunty. Max might have been timid and quiet, but when someone needed a pick me up she was always there for them. Then there’s Katya, who always goes out of her way to be nice and get along with everyone. While I wish that all three could receive the title of Miss Congeniality, if I had to choose only one then I must go with Katya. Not only does she have the personality of a superstar, Katya is still humbled by her experience on the show. Her time on the show and the hilarious moments she shared with the other queens and the judges really showed her charming and agreeable personality


Katya-Zamolodchikova-RuPauls-Drag-Race-Season-7-drag-queen-ruvealAlex Altomonte‘s Choice

Author at Dragaholic.com

My Choice: Katya

I don’t know anything about pageants except that child ones are creepy, so when I think of Miss Congeniality, I only have the movie to go on. I always assumed it just meant the “kindest” or “nicest personality”. I just looked up the definition. To be congenial is to be agreeable, suitable and pleasing in nature and character. Well then, duh! The answer is Katya! I always thought she would win the crown but now I see she’s better suited for this. All the queens loved her. She’s the most fluid and flexible, inside and out. She’s humble, witty, and can laugh anything off. Who else could make a Russian hooker so endearing? Also, she’s the most like Sandra Bullock, so there you go! Katya Zamolodchikova for Miss ????????!!!


Ginger-Minj-RuPauls-Drag-Race-Season-7Star LaBranche‘s Choice

Author at Dragaholic.com and ScrapbookOfTruth.net

My Choice: Ginger Minj

The coveted title of Miss Congeniality always goes to the queen who is not only sickening and fierce, but is precise with her shade throwing. Ginger Minj is not afraid to call the other queens on what they do, but she is also demur enough to know not to pick senseless fights or read someone without cause. From her commentary to her runway looks, Ginger is far more than the average Ru Girl. Her sense of humor, sharp wit, and keen observations make her the obvious choice for Miss Congeniality. This is provided, of course, that she doesn’t become the winner of season 7 overall.


09 Katya ZamoGuillotina Munter’s Choice

Author at Dragaholic.com

My Choice: Katya

Katya Zamolodchikova gets my vote for Season 7’s Miss Congeniality. She’s extremely clever, witty & weird, and yet at the same time vulnerable, wracked with self-doubt and very, very human, having struggled to overcome her addictive personality. She’s never once been a bitch to any of the other contestants, yet never let herself be tread on or undermined by anyone else. I do think she could have perhaps shone brighter on the show, but that’s only because the format doesn’t cater to character queens. They go on and are expected to be ‘real’, yet it’s a competition all about artifice! Anyone who watches her RuFlections web series on Youtube can see the fierce brilliance of her mind. The injustice felt by many fans over her elimination this week exactly mirrors what happened when BenDeLaCreme got booted out before the Final 4 last season. Maybe this is a strategy by Ru, knowing full well that – while they’re not necessarily winner material, as brilliant as they are – these kooky, campy queens deserve some recognition for their contribution to the show other than their ‘also-ran’ status. After all, what they do is VERY drag, moreso than pageant beauty or a runway-stomping aesthetic.


katya rupaul's drag race season 7 raccoon hatAnita Buffem’s Choice

Author at Dragaholic.com and New York drag superstar!

My Choice: Katya

It’s been said that this season of Rupaul’s Drag Race has lacked in certain areas. One thing there is an abundance of throughout season 7 is congeniality. Remember Miss Fame graciously “borrowing” a chunk out of Max’s newspaper prop to blot her face so that Max would be able to sell it on ebay for a few bucks? How about the time Jasmine Masters was kind enough to pass on to Miss Fame that she needed to be more than a “look queen” and learn to perform. Then that time Ginger Minj proclaimed during an Untucked episode that she needed to stop helping everybody else so she could focus on herself, just look at all the good she does! In all seriousness I was really touched by Katya and the love that radiated from her towards the other girls. Anytime we saw some drama get stirred up she remained quiet and uninvolved, she was always there to support the other girls and give them praise for things she admired about them. Easy to work with for group challenges and ready to take on a less exciting tasks if it meant it was better for the team and all of this to me equals Miss Congeniality. As the head of the Ladies Auxiliary at Father Murphy Browns Italian Catholic Congregation I do not condone prostitution…or being Russian for that matter, but Katya with all her congeniality has me searching the back pages of the Village Voice for a new friend.


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