Watch: The 'Dragged' Life of a New York Circuit Queen, Meet Maddelynn Hatter

Maddelynn Hatter Dragged Documentary Magnus Hastings
Image Credit: Magnus Hastings

Maddelynn Hatter is a New York City nightlife drag queen – more so a circuit queen – who loves big parties and is a big night owl. Now, as part of part of a promotional video for the upcoming documentary film ‘Dragged‘, filmmaker Christopher Birk gets to know the man behind her fabulous drag persona.

Watch the video below.

Maddelynn is part of the ‘Real Deal’ at The Ritz Bar & Lounge in New York, alongside Chaka Khanvict, who we met in the last promo video for the film, and Pusse Couture, who we will meet in a future video. She actually moved to New York with Pusse from Massachusetts several years back.

In this promo video, the filmmaker gets to know Maddelynn as she prepares for a photo shoot with renowned drag photographer Magnus Hastings. In the clip, she opens up about bullying and other issues in school growing up, her life as a drag queen and her personal family struggles.

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