Love Triangle

DRAMA: Bride Discovers Her Groom is Gay When his BF Crashes Their Wedding

Don’t you hate it when that happens? DRAMA! Here’s a translation:

Boyfriend: You shut up, us two were together long before you entered the picture!

Bride: What do you mean you two were together long before I was in the picture?

Groom: Hey hey, don’t get physical, don’t get physical.

Bride: Just who the fuck are you!?

Boyfriend: Shut up!

Bride: It’s my wedding, what are you doing here?! Who are you? Who is he?

Groom: Wait, wait, wait.

Bride: Who is he? Tell me, who is he?

Groom: Let me explain.

Boyfriend: Don’t explain to her.

Bride: What are you doing, what fucking business is it of yours?

Best Man: Enough, enough, both of you calm down.

Bride: Tell me, who is he? Who is he?!

Bride: You come back here!

This looks pretty real to us and our online research doesn’t argue with its authenticity. What do you think?