Dream Team: 7 Athletes We Wish Would Come Out

chris kluwe

Now that Jason Collins has broken the gay male professional athlete glass ceiling, we got to thinking: who would be next? Who’ll come dribbling, rushing, sprinting, diving, fencing (?) out of the closet? In that spirit, we threw on our technicolor dreamjerseys and journeyed to the land of What If to imagine some of our favorite athletes switching teams, as it were.

Check out the 7 athletes Queerty wishes would come out. Go long. 

Tim Tebow

The recently-released Jets quarterback has a rabid conservative Christian following which would choke on its own self-righteousness if their golden boy came out of the closet. Those megachurch speaking engagements would probably dry up, but the boy’s not bad-looking and we’re sure he’d clean up off the field. And if Rob Gronkowski has anything to say about it, on the field. “Tebowing” would have an all new meaning.