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  • alan brickman

    Good work Channing!! workouts do a body good….don’t show your hatefulness and self loathing now for him now…

  • Jayson

    I’ve never thought twice about him, but he looks so incredibly sexy on that cover…wow!!!!!

  • hardmannyc

    Waaaaay too much lipstick on that cover shoot? Make-up artists should be shot — they all do that these days. It looks ridiculous!

  • Krysan

    I continue to not understand the appeal. He has a hot face, but bodywise, he’s far too emaciated to me. Not to mention the absolute lack of curves.

  • sal(the original)


  • iamtoxic

    Curve should only be used to describe women you fat ass

  • John Santos

    To hell with his bod, he’s a lousy actor. He’s a goddamned lucky son-of-a-bitch who managed to get a career in Hollywood based on his looks and using gay men in power to further his career and then firing them and moving onto more powerful representation.

    And as far as playing Duke in the GI Joe movie, the English language has yet to create a word to describe just how absurd that idea was.

  • Name (required)

    He’s so hot, but why does he get so fat when he’s not working.

  • cruiser

    That first pic…what can you say, dude has a rockin hot body!

  • galefan2004

    @hardmannyc: Its not the amount its the color. They used pink on a dude that is so tan that it is completely obvious that his lips are not that color naturally. That makes it look completely obvious that he is wearing lip stick. There is nothing wrong with guys with lip gloss when it actually matches their natural skin tone.

  • galefan2004

    @Krysan: What exactly are you talking about. He is not emaciated at all. Hell, he doesn’t even have any surface veins. He also has plenty of curves. Not to mention, he is an actor not a model, so lets judge him on his acting ability and appreciate his good looks.

  • galefan2004

    @iamtoxic: That is so completely untrue, but such a gay sentiment. However, if you wanna know what curves actually look like on men check out Scott from RW: Brooklyn who is muscular as all hell but has an ass to die for.

  • effyew

    @iamtoxic: Sure if you have no imagination and define all your adjectives on an outdated, panicked gender binary like some kind of God-fearing, bible thumping (read: ignorant and regressive) Amurrican. You stupid piece of shit.

  • Steven

    @Krysan: NOT emaciated. Just not very muscular in photo #1.

  • galefan2004

    @effyew: VERY WELL SAID!

  • Chris

    I prefer him with clothes on. Not my type of guy.

  • M Shane

    Very Handsome man! As an artist, it seems true that males have a basically more angular shape.Because men are built for strength, angularity is basic to the frame. Some men have wonderful curves on top of that frame. For instance, there is a huge difference in asses; nothing deserves more reverance than a fine ‘high ridding’ bouncy derriere.

    It’s true that women are generally more rounded in frame than men–like pears, and also that they have a fatty layer of flesh over everything.

    I don’t think that a man could be sexier- than C.T,. in that pic
    He’s handsome on the other one but has his sleeves rolled up, like a gay male would.

  • M Shane

    p.s. @ No. 3 · hardmannyc I just saw the real GQcover ; that picture that Queerty put up just looks like he has lipstick on.
    Not so at all for real.

  • M Shane

    Oh while I was looking at Mags, one of teh major ones Advocate or Out was giving makup tip for guys who did feel like being”pretty “in their buziness suits

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