close shave

Drop The Razor. Certain Manscaping Can Lead To Clamydia, Other STIs.

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It’s been long-established that shaving off all your pubic hair is not the greatest look on a man.

Unless you’re into that sort of thing, in which case we certainly won’t judge (much).

But regardless of aesthetics, did you know that a close shave down under can actually increase the risk of contracting an STI?

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We didn’t either, but in the below video from ASOP Science, the threat is outlined in gag-inducing detail. And it’s really quite simple.

Basically, shaving can cause micro abrasions on the skin, which makes the area around your “talent” much more susceptible to all kinds of infection, including the sexually transmitted variety.

Watch below, and learn all sorts of other facts about manscaping you may or may not find helpful: