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Drop What You are Doing and Read Kerry Eleveld’s Report on an Anti-Gay Nut Who Has Infiltrated the United Nations

Of course there’s nothing new about an anti-gay activist spouting crazy nonsense about ex-gay brainwashing, how every child needs a mom and a dad, and that it’s acceptable to persecute gays. There’s tons of people doing that sort of thing all over the world.

But only one of them has tricked high-powered United Nations delegates into believing her.

In a new report by Kerry Eleveld, Equality Matters pulls back the sheets on Sharon Slater. She’s the head of “Family Watch International,” an Arizona organization that stages misinformation-conferences and props up fake experts to convince foreign leaders to pursue anti-gay policies abroad.

And is there a connection to Kill-the-Gays in Uganda? Of course there’s a connection. Slater and her cronies are the first ones who introduced the myth of “ex-gay” in the country. She’s also pushed abstinence-only programs to reduce AIDS, and has attacked the distribution of condoms.

In fact, she lists Martin Ssempa, one of the key figures behind Kill-the-Gays, as a volunteer for her organization.

How did this happen? Well, thank President Bush.

Under Bush’s watch, millions of dollars flowed to abstinence-only groups, including Slater’s. She was able to quickly form international connections with anti-gay groups, and now she’s lobbying hard for UN members to reject anything that protects LGBTs.

Go read the entire report — it’s like a spy story about how one determined woman was able to bluster her way into the halls of power with an armful of made-up facts, and then proceed to make life miserable for people all over the world.

Now the question is: how do we stop her?