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Drop What You are Doing and Read Kerry Eleveld’s Report on an Anti-Gay Nut Who Has Infiltrated the United Nations

Of course there’s nothing new about an anti-gay activist spouting crazy nonsense about ex-gay brainwashing, how every child needs a mom and a dad, and that it’s acceptable to persecute gays. There’s tons of people doing that sort of thing all over the world.

But only one of them has tricked high-powered United Nations delegates into believing her.

In a new report by Kerry Eleveld, Equality Matters pulls back the sheets on Sharon Slater. She’s the head of “Family Watch International,” an Arizona organization that stages misinformation-conferences and props up fake experts to convince foreign leaders to pursue anti-gay policies abroad.

And is there a connection to Kill-the-Gays in Uganda? Of course there’s a connection. Slater and her cronies are the first ones who introduced the myth of “ex-gay” in the country. She’s also pushed abstinence-only programs to reduce AIDS, and has attacked the distribution of condoms.

In fact, she lists Martin Ssempa, one of the key figures behind Kill-the-Gays, as a volunteer for her organization.

How did this happen? Well, thank President Bush.

Under Bush’s watch, millions of dollars flowed to abstinence-only groups, including Slater’s. She was able to quickly form international connections with anti-gay groups, and now she’s lobbying hard for UN members to reject anything that protects LGBTs.

Go read the entire report — it’s like a spy story about how one determined woman was able to bluster her way into the halls of power with an armful of made-up facts, and then proceed to make life miserable for people all over the world.

Now the question is: how do we stop her?

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  • paul f

    You don’t have a picture of her. Does she look foreign (Latina)? Since she’s from Arizona we could arrest her if she doesn’t have her “papers”. I demand to see her long form birth certificate! She was born in Kenya-no Uganda-no, some place not here! Call the Donald, call Faux News, she’s working with ACORN!!!! Think that will work? If it were just that simple. *sigh*

  • John h

    Is that they eat da poo poo guy?

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    The answer:
    We kill the bitch and her family and set her house on fire :)

  • TMikel

    May she and all her ilk rot in Hell. What is it with these nuts? In ages past they would say her mother was frightened by something when pregnant with her. Of course Mr. Bush and his administration has a great deal of blame as well. You know the Republican stand – no one can have kinky sex, sex outside or marriage, gay sex, or anything else but THEM! I will be glad when the old guard dies and stope being in Congress.

  • Bob

    How much if that money that Bush gave to these a**holes was tax money from LGBT Americans? Money used to persecute us. Okay Gay Republicans, is this what you wanted?

  • Ray

    Is some type of lawsuit possible base on misappropriation of funds which were used to harm GLBTs? Also can a complaint be filled with the European Union against her organizations? They are fare more likely to go after her organization than America.

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    @matt baume:
    aww so it’s ok for them to bully us and wish we die but we can’t do the same to them? No wonder gay rights are going nowhere, just a bunch of spineless frail cry babies

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    @matt baume:
    We are better than they are, and that’s why we are treated as second class citizens. Babydoll, take a seat, your kumbaya bullshit ain’t getting us equality anytime soon.

  • matt baume

    @Adonis-of-Fire: Please help me connect the dots between “kill the bitch and her family” and “getting us equality.”

  • Shannon1981

    they should all rot in hell. and, if such a place actually exists, and there is any justice, they will.

    On a side note, Adonis’s approach might work in the meantime. Not that I condone violence, but I am out of ideas as to how to force these people to go away.

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