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Drugged-Up, Muscly Barber Freaks Out On Jet, Tries Opening Emergency Door Mid-Flight


There are your rough days, and then there are the days you’re so hopped up on Xanax, GHB, and cocaine that you try escaping a jet by opening the emergency exit door mid-flight.

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New York nightlife personality Jordan Fragiacomo, an assistant at the Matinee party and a barber who works out of Hell’s Kitchen, was evidently having one of those days on Monday: He caused quite a scene during his flight from New York to Seattle.

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An unlucky passenger named Shohana Godwin wound up sitting next to Fragiacomo, and revealed to Seattle news channel KIRO 7 that “he kept stopping to go into his bag and then I watched him take a pill out of his bag.”

Meanwhile, he kept babbling about having to “cancel his flight and get off the plane, and just was kind of speaking a little gibberish.”

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The New York Post reports that flight crew had to restrain Fragiacomo since he was “babbling incoherently and attempting to kiss two flight attendants.”

“If you continue to restrain me,” Fragiacomo allegedly told the flight attendants, “there’s going to be problems.”

And there were indeed problems: The jet’s pilot was ultimately forced to make an emergency landing at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport at 9:45am EST.

As Elite Daily reports, one passenger recorded the incident and posted the footage to Twitter:

Later, Fragiacomo confessed to authorities that he’d consumed GHB, cocaine, and Xanax three hours before the flight.

As NewNowNext reports, Fragiacomo once worked as a go-go boy at the now-shuttered Chelsea club Splash. Oddly, when asked for his personal identification, he instead showed officers a website that advertises his haircutting skills, including a “hot shave in the privacy of your home.”

After the incident, Fragiacomo was taken to Fairview Southdale Hospital Minnesota.




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