Sex, Drugs And HIV-Phobia: 10 Lessons From Early AIDS Awareness Posters

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1988 – She Has Her Father’s Eyes and Her Mother’s AIDS
created by Clement Communications

Near the late 1980s, AIDS campaigns began addressing minority risk communities such as sexually active young adults, blacks, Hispanics and women. By 1988 half of all female AIDS cases were African-American—today that number is 60 percent.

HIV positive mothers can pass the virus onto their children during pregnancy, delivery or breastfeeding. And while modern-day anti-retroviral therapy, sperm washing and artificial insemination can reduce the likelihood of HIV transmission, they do not guarantee it.

So while the poster shocks viewers by juxtaposing AIDS with a healthy, happy baby, it also serves as a reminder for pregnant women to get tested because AIDS does not discriminate between race, gender or age.