Drunk Pregnant Woman Bites Boyfriend After He Receives Penis Pic From Gay Friend

woman-screamingIt all started when Donna Hamer glanced over her boyfriend Rick Scherzo’s shoulder while he was sitting at the computer and saw a picture of a giant, throbbing penis.

Drunk and 12-weeks pregnant, Hamer flew into a rage. First she accused her boyfriend of being gay before grabbing a paper towel holder off a nearby counter and beating him with it. Then she punched him in the face, sunk her teeth into his flesh, and threatened him with a 12-inch chef’s knife.

The picture was sent to Scherzo as a joke by a friend of his who happened to be gay. The two men were chatting online. When Hamer saw the photo, prosectors say she “went mad.”

“She started calling him gay and wouldn’t let it go, although he told her it was just a joke,” prosecuting attorney Enza Geldard told a Pennines court this week.

Hamer’s lawyer, Kamran Yousaf, said his client’s behavior was fueled by alcohol and, possibly, pregnancy hormones.

“Clearly, she was aggrieved when she saw that image on the computer and confronted him,” Yousaf said. “She acted wrongly. She shouldn’t have done what she did.”

Yousaf maintained that his client “didn’t intend to injure” Scherzo by beating him with a paper towel holder or biting him. She just “used these weapons to threaten and intimidate” him.

“Since this incident she has stopped drinking,” Yousaf assured the court, “because of the incident and because she’s pregnant.”

Hamer was ordered by a judge to perform community service, as well as pay around $400 in court fees.

Needless to say, the on-again-off-again couple is currently off.

h/t: Pendle Today