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  • Bob R

    Yeah, right. Anything to save a buck. Nothing has really changed. That’s all these assholes care about is money.

  • CitizenGeek

    Whatever, ManHunt has shown themselves to be absolutely idiots. They’ll never get any of my money. Ever.

  • ajax

    So he stepped down as chairman – big deal. He’s still going to make billions of dollars from his site and he’ll still funnel the profits from his gay patrons to politicians who will codify our second class citizenship. It isn’t Crutchley who is the asshole – on the contrary – Crutchley makes an asshole of anyone who uses his site.

  • Rick Heintz

    I still say everyone needs to cancel their membership. That is complete bullshit! How can we trust them with the response they sent one patron who canceled saying this was a personal matter… Well I for one am taking it very personally! How dare they funnel my money to this bigot!

  • Charles J. Mueller

    >Crutchley makes an asshole of anyone who uses his site.

    It might be better stated and have more accountability by saying, “Anyone who uses Crutchley’s site, makes an asshole of himself.”


  • Cam

    Chairmen is a do nothing title, he still gets all the money from the site. So he just thinks everybody out there is an idiot and will believe that what he did actually has any meaning. Stepping down from a ceremonial post doesn’t change the fact that you co-founded and still co-own the business.

  • BobP

    Everyone knows the repubs are all about the spin. This move means absolutely nothing. Boycott the scumbags right into bankruptcy.

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