Dude Gives Cabbie A BJ In Exchange For A Ride, Wonders If He Was Raped

img_taxiIn a recent Reddit thread titled “Was I Raped?” mylordm9 writes:

“Yesterday I went to a gay party. I went outside and was immedeatly (sic) in front of the train station. I needed to get a train to get home. I just missed it though. I sat outside and waited for the next one when a cab came along and asked me where I needed to go. I said that I don’t have the money but he offered me a ride anyways. This of course should have been a red flag but I was drunk and I made it very clear that I just wanted a ride. I’d pay if it was cheaper but I didnt want to have to do anything for it. He said yeah sure just get in I get you home and you don’t have to do anything.”

Turns out, this was a lie. At least according to mylordm9. He continues:

“Anyways, during the ride he got his dick out and wanted me to blow him. I was so afraid that I did and well.. now i feel terrible. I am such a dumbass for getting in the cab and I hate myself for it. I cant get over the feeling.”

As a result, mylordm9 says he “can’t swallow anything” and feels “real shitty.”

“What do I have to do now?” he asks. “I have no idea. I’m such a fucking dumbass!”

Never fear, mylordm9, your fellow Reddit users are here to offer their two cents on your dilemma.

“I don’t think you were raped,” hatessw states matter-of-factly. “Unless you’re omitting relevant facts, no force seems to have occurred, and everything you did on your own volition, drunk or not. That’s not to say what the dude did was classy, but there’s a pretty big gap between lack of class and rape.”

“Based on your story, a guy asked for a BJ and you were uninhibited enough to do it,” Kolyarut5 adds. “Don’t hate yourself.”

“You voluntarily engaged in a sexual act,” significantrisk says, “that is the opposite of being raped. The only way to be less raped than voluntarily having sex is to have no sex at all.”

But Vandal1 disagrees: “He was drunk, and not able to legally consent. Therefore, non-consensual, therefore rape. As well, he is experiencing many of the same feelings as a rape victim. He feels violated and hurt. From what he described, he probably also feels un-clean or dirty.”

“Uhh, I’m pretty sure that whipping out your dick on a drunk person is rapey,” filipelm adds.

“This is rape,” kpatl says. “Regardless if you were drunk, this is rape. Coerced sex is rape. You didn’t exchange sex for a ride; you engaged in a sexual act because you were afraid of the consequences if you didn’t. This is unequivocal rape. Everyone else posting is very clearly wrong.”

What do you think? Was mylordm9 raped? Sound off in the comments section below.