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This dude started a pants-less service company, and the Internet is here for it

How about a room-cleaning with a view? A Redditor says he and his friends started a “pants-less service company” in New Orleans called Brief Encounters.

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“We clean houses, bartend events, and pretty much do anything non-sexual clients want in the underwear of our client’s choice,” he explains. “We started the company because we just figured why not? Let’s have a blast and make a little extra cash on the side being goofs.”

In comments on the thread, this entrepreneur says that the Brief Encounters team is all gay. “We figured the straight people have enough that for now, we would only have a gay team and later expand if we had enough clients,” he explained.

And he said it’s the “best job in America for sure.”

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Commenters on the thread wholeheartedly endorse the venture. “I have literally told my partner if I win the lottery I want a team of hot dudes cooking and cleaning for me wearing skimpy uniforms or undies so… I need this in my life,” one writes.

“If you become rich with this, it will restore my faith in humanity and make me love capitalism,” another says.

A third user chimes in: “I’d honestly hire y’all. … I would not mind having some fellow gay men doing tasks for me. Money back to the community plus a great show. I’m human.”

“Just added this to my IPO watch list,” says another guy.

And for all you New Orleanians out there, Brief Encounters invites you to DM them on Instagram for rates and info. Sounds (Big) Easy enough!